Spandex vs Yoga Pants

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We cannot deny it, spandex and yoga pants are two of many few clothing pieces that will give you a comfortable and carefree feeling every day-to-day wear.  However, there are some people who are torn between what purchase to make, Spandex vs Yoga Pants, which is better? We’re here to find out.

Spandex vs Yoga Pants

Spandex and yoga pants might sound similar given that they both share the same attributes with one another. However, this in depth overview about each product will give you a taste of each other that might help you determine which of these two you would like to have in your wardrobe.

Pregnant woman wearing a yoga pants


Spandex is a type of clothing known for its elasticity and flexibility. This is because spandex is made out of synthetic fiber, a human-made fiber made out of chemical synthesis and experimentation. Compared to natural fibers, synthetic fibers in spandex are more durable and can easily withstand stretching without wearing out its fabric.

Moreover, spandex’ synthetic fibers are compatible for dyeing which makes them more vibrant in color. Since they are synthetic, they are resistant and non-sensitive to oils, sweat, water, or even stains. They are also good for swimming attire since they are more water resistant than natural fibers.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants is a type of clothing characterised for its rather hybrid look of pants and spandex combined together. These pants specifically aim the yoga industry as a target market but due to the trends of athleisure in the market, they are now known as one of many staple clothings that people wear on a day-to-day basis.

They vary in terms of their materials and style. Some yoga pants are flared while some have body hugging fit. The materials in yoga pants vary, but they are mostly using natural fibers and cotton for the breathable feel.

However, there are also yoga pants that use a mixture of synthetic fibers and high-quality polyester materials.

Spandex vs Yoga Pants

It is time to compare the features and attributes that are similar and different between the two products, spandex and yoga pants. By giving a side-by-side comparison, consumers like you would better understand which product will fit your criteria the best. Here is the comprehensive take in spandex vs yoga pants.


Similarities in products like spandex and yoga pants give you a win-win situation especially if they can offer both the factors that you are looking for in a clothing piece. With that, it’s equally important to know what is similar between them so you can also evaluate whether or not you should look more into their differences.

Woman wearing a black yoga pants
  • Spandex and yoga pants are similar when it comes to giving a level of comfort.
  • They both share similarities when it comes to elasticity and stretchiness of their fabric.
  • They both use synthetic fibers in their material, even though spandex are more likely to use it in their product.


The differences highlight specific features that are exclusive to the products. Knowing the differences between the two products, spandex and yoga pants, will give you a more in depth understanding as to which of the two will be able to provide and cater the needs and features that you are looking for.

  • Spandex is more durable than yoga pants because of its synthetic fiber material that is resistant to deterioration caused by sweat, stain, and water exposure.
  • Yoga pants have a more earthy, soft, and breathable feel because of the natural fibers used. However, there are other varieties of yoga pants that use synthetic fibers mixed in polyesters like spandex.
  • Spandex are resilient and can use for heavy-impact uses similar to sports-related activities.
  • Yoga pants come in different designs you can choose from based on your comfort level and style. Also, it can wear casually.

Major Distinguishing Factor

The most distinguishable factor that highlights the difference between spandex and yoga pants would be their main materials that basically draws out other features that they have. The spandex is best known for its durability that is incomparable to yoga pants who are often made of natural fibers.

On the other hand, yoga pants are distinct for their breathable and comfy features that are best for everyday wear and even casual wear. The yoga pants’ versatility also emphasizes through their variety of materials and styles which can accommodate various skin types and daily activities as well.

When to Use Spandex

You can use spandex in different sports and athletic activities such as swimming, cycling, and triathlons. Spandex is applicable in these activities due to its high resistance in water and sweat.

It allows people to have a more dry-feel in between activities. It is also famous for gym use and jogging.

Other than that, you can also use spandex for support due to its tight-fitting properties that makes the skin more intact compared to other clothing pieces. This gives people a more refined and secured shape and is often used in undergarments due to its added fit, security, and body support.

When to Use Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are applicable for less intense athletic activities such as yoga and aerobics. Yoga pants are breathable and a comfortable wear. However, they are not water and stain resistant which is why strong-impact activities are not suitable for them.

Also, most yoga pants are made of natural fiber that are non-resilient to wet conditions.

Woman stretching while wearing purple spandex

However, yoga pants are applicable for people with very sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is prone to rash and irritation caused by tight-fitting, non-breathable clothes. It is usually clog pores and trap the sweat on the skin.

It can also use as casual clothing since it offers a variety of designs and styles.

Spandex or Yoga Pants, Which Is Better?

Choosing what is better between spandex and yoga pants really depends on what activities you want to do using them. There are different activities that they can accommodate but there are other uses that can only be better by choosing between the two of them. Take a look at the activities you’re going to do and decide from that.

If you want to engage in high-impact and intense activities, spandex is the better option for you. On the other hand, if you want a versatile pair that can use as an everyday casual wear and occasional athletic wear in low-impact activities, yoga pants are your go-to choice of clothing.

If you don’t plan on using them for specific activities, you can bet on yoga pants first! It can wear as an everyday casual clothing and you can also use it for workouts. It accommodates different skin types because of its breathable and natural qualities.

Moreover, it comes with different styles and designs you can choose from.