How to Fold Leggings

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If you wear leggings all the time, whether for work or exercise, you probably have lots of leggings stuffed somewhere in your closet. Learning how to fold leggings can help you store them properly and get a pair from the closet without messing up other clothes.

How to Fold Leggings

Folding leggings involves folding the fabric in half, half, and thirds. First, you need to fold the leggings in half lengthwise to create a single pant leg. Next, fold the hem up toward the waistband, then fold the leggings into thirds so that they can stand up on their own. 

A woman in long sleeves and blue leggings fold blue leggings on a yellow bedsheet in the bedroom

Folded leggings take up less space, allowing you to organize them in your cabinet or luggage easily. With a few simple yet space-saving ways to fold leggings you can keep your leggings securely wrapped, and your closet organized.  

Basic Folding

The first method involves strategically folding the leggings to ensure that the crease only forms on your knees. If done correctly, you can preserve the neatness of the leggings. 

  1. Place the leggings on a flat and hard surface. 
  2. Straighten out wrinkles on the legs.  
  3. To fold in half, bring one leg over to the other. The fold must be right in the middle, over the seam, and near the crotch.
  4. If there are pleats in the center, fold them along the crotch to keep the pleat in the correct position.   
  5. Fold the legs in half and vertically to bring the hem area upwards.
  6. Run and press your hands over the fabric. Smoothen out the leggings again to prevent creases from forming as you fold. 
  7. Fold the leggings, then bring the edges of the waist and cuffs down to the bottom of the fold. 


The second folding hack helps create a sturdy form so that you can arrange the leggings in a line, instead of stacking them in the drawer. In this way, you can quickly grab a pair without toppling a tower of leggings. 

There are only two steps: First, fold the leggings in half horizontally, making the legs overlap. Then, roll up the hem towards the waist. 

A woman folding blue leggings beside folded gray leggings on the yellow bedsheet of a bed

Leggings usually feature a thicker waistband, so it would be better to alternate the position of the waistband between the right and left sides when you line the leggings in a closet. 


Rolling is another great way to fold leggings, especially if you want to maximize storage space

  1. First, put the leggings on a flat surface before you start.
  2. Overlap the waistband over the top of the leggings.
  3. Then, continue folding the leggings in half. 
  4. Next, fold the bottom of the leggings up until it reaches the waistband.
  5. Insert the bottom part of the leggings under the waist.
  6. Finally, roll the leggings from the bottom and all the way to the top of the waistband.


If you tend to hastily grab a pair of leggings from a stack or cabinet, there’s a chance that you can unfold the others. Here’s another way to fold leggings to preserve a tidy closet.

  1. Lay the leggings on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold the waistband over itself, down near the hips. 
  3. Make another fold in half lengthwise.
  4. Roll up from the hem until you hit the waistband. 
  5. Pick up the rolled leggings and place your right-hand fingers inside the folded waistband. 
  6. With your right hand still holding the waistband, use your left hand to pull the waistband around the leggings and over the right thumb.

As a result, you have a lock-like fold that prevents the hem or waistband from hanging out. 

Woman in blue long sleeves folding blue leggings placed on a yellow bedsheet

Konmari Method

The Konmari Method is organizing expert Marie Kondo’s minimalist-inspired approach to declutter and organize stuff. The goal is to create beautiful yet functional closets, enabling you to appreciate all of your things at a glance. 

One of the methods includes a compact way of folding leggings so that you can store lots of leggings, even in a tiny drawer.

  1. Fold the leggings in half. Place one leg on top of the other. If there are pockets, make sure they are facing out. 
  2. Fold in half horizontally, then bring the hem below the waistband to form a long rectangle. 
  3. Fold the leggings into thirds and up to the waist area. 
  4. Lay the leggings flat, with the front side facing up. 
  5. Fold the leggings in half widthwise. Make sure the pant legs remain stacked.  
  6. Pull the ankles up toward the waist, then leave a gap before the waistband. 
  7. Bring the legging edge over the waistband. 
  8. Fold over the pants again to make a small rectangle. 
  9. The leggings should be able to stand upright as you line several pairs in a drawer. You can also line the leggings up by style, type, or color.

Different Ways to Fold Leggings

MethodsWhat to do
Method 1Basic fold
Method 2Bifold
Method 3Roll
Method 4Tuck
Method 5Konmari fold
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Folding Help to Reduce Wrinkles in Leggings?

Generally, folding can help to reduce wrinkles. Although there are chances that creases will form along the folding lines, similar creases tend to form after ironing your leggings and might even make you look more stylish.

If you want your leggings to be wrinkle-free without folding lines, consider rolling them tightly.

Can I Fold the Leggings After Washing Them?

Yes, you can fold the leggings immediately after washing them when they are still warm from the dryer. Typically, the leggings fabric is made of bonded molecules, and the dryer heat tends to break this bond.

As the leggings cool while folded, new bonds form between the molecules and lock the fabric in the folded shape. That means you might not need to iron the leggings later.

Why Do My Leggings Fold Over?

In most cases, leggings fold over because they are too tight, and the seam at the waistband cannot stretch adequately. The same happens if the leggings are not the right fit and bunch up in some areas.

Keeping in mind that leggings come with a specific shape, they might also fold over if the fabric is thin, less sturdy, and can’t hold the shape of the leggings.


Knowing how to fold leggings correctly will help you achieve a more organized closet, keeping your clothes looking good. When you fold your leggings neatly, you can also create more space for different kinds of leggings.