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Top 10 Best Wave Caps [2024 Review]

A man wearing violet wave cap

Struggling to keep your waves in place? What you need is a wave cap or a durag. A durag will work excellently for holding your hair when you’re asleep as it doesn’t come off as readily as a wave cap. Wave caps, on the other hand, will be your workout companion, preventing sweat from reaching …

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Best Men’s Underwear for Hot Weather [2024 Review]

a man standing wearing a black underwear

Ever endured a scorching summer day, constantly fidgeting due to your uncomfortable underwear? Choosing the right pair of mens underwear for hot weather can be a tricky feat. To prevent that ‘soggy’ feeling or inadequate support, it’s crucial to consider factors like breathability, cut, and fit. Let’s dive into finding your perfect summer-friendly undies. Top …

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How to Not Get Lines From a Wave Cap

A man in a white tank top and black durag while the other man wears a white long sleeves sweatshirt looking for fruits outside the grocery store

Wearing a wave cap often results in unwanted lines across your forehead. After years of personal experimentation, I’ve discovered the nuances to prevent this. In this article, I’ll share my insights on avoiding those bothersome indentations, aiming for a seamless wave cap wear. Let’s delve into the details. How to Not Get Lines From a …

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How Long Should I Wear My Wave Cap?

A person wearing a pink jacket is taking a photo of a man in a yellow shirt and yellow durag near a body of water

The wave cap was made famous by the OG rappers and since then has become a standard fixture in the style guides of men and women alike. These caps were originally designed for a specific purpose i.e. to create 360-degree waves in your hair that provide you with a whole new look with minimum effort. …

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Can You Wash a Wave Cap?

A man wearing a striped shirt and white wave cap is standing on a green wall

A wave cap is an essential gear required to create and accentuate the waves in your hair. Since it is used routinely, it is bound to collect gunk and dirt from your hair. However, most people often wonder if they can wash a wash cap. Keep reading to find the answer! Can You Wash a …

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Is a Wave Cap Good for Dreads?

A man in a black jacket and black pants wears a blue wave cap and using a laptop while lying on a black couch

Dreadlocks are a common natural hairstyle, particularly popular with those with thick and curly hair. A wave cap is good for dreads and can help you maintain them even if you work outdoors in direct sunlight or turn and toss as you sleep. Is a Wave Cap Good for Dreads? Yes, a wave cap is …

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How to Tie a Wave Cap

A man in a white sando and black shorts wears a black wave cap while looking a fruits outside the grocery store

It may take time to apply oils, moisturize the hair and brush it to form the 360 degrees wave pattern. Learning how to tie a wave cap can help reduce moisture loss and maintain this wave pattern for longer, preventing the hassle of making the hair now and then.  How to Tie a Wave Cap …

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What’s The Difference Between A T-Shirt Bra and A Bralette?

A woman with blonde hair wearing a blue bra and holding a gray sunglasses standing near a yellow wall

What’s the difference between a bralette and a t-shirt bra? No two bras are indeed identical. There are a variety of styles available, each with its own set of benefits. Diverse bra types serve different functions and allow women to express their individuality by mixing and matching their undergarments. Learn the distinctions between these two …

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Wave Cap vs Durag: Know the Difference Between Them

Man fixing his durag on his head

“Spinnas” or “360 Waves” first gained its popularity around the ‘90s. This hip-hop hairstyle was inspired by some famous icons in the entertainment industry like rapper Nelly and the three-time Grammy winner P.Diddy. Wave cap vs durag, it will discuss further in this article. Why does the name have “waves” in it? Before I answer …

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Best Wave Grease [2024 Review]

Best wave grease in different levels

Have you ever watched movies set in the 1950s and wondered how those actors achieved such elegant side parts or slick-backs. Or how the ladies were able to achieve such nice curly hair? The trick lied in using wave greases, especially pomade. A good wave grease is a hair styling product that helps you create …

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