Wave Cap vs Durag: Know the Difference Between Them

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“Spinnas” or “360 Waves” first gained its popularity around the ‘90s. This hip-hop hairstyle was inspired by some famous icons in the entertainment industry like rapper Nelly and the three-time Grammy winner P.Diddy. Wave cap vs durag, it will discuss further in this article.

Why does the name have “waves” in it?

Before I answer this question, let me introduce the ethnicity and hair structure of African-American people in brief.

People from this cultural group are blessed with a head full of thick hair by birth!

However, this hair type comes with a slower growth rate and soon takes the forms of tight curls and kinks.

To add a little swag on this naturally curly hair, people sought to go for a short-cropped haircut that’s styled in a way to look like as though it has ripples of waves on the entire head! Cool, isn’t it?

Well, although it might look all fancy, to maintain the style you have to train your curls to remain flat all the time. And the easiest way of doing that is to use a wave cap or durag, especially before you go to sleep at night.

So, wave cap vs durag, which one should you choose? They both help keep the wave in place and show off your personality to the rest of the world.

What Is a Wave Cap?

A wave cap is basically a headwear, worn over the head to protect its style. It’s also known as “Stocking Cap”.

Man fixing his durag on his head

Inspired by famous rappers making public appearances wearing these caps, this piece of clothing item became popular in the early 1990s to 2000s. The Afro-American men used to have a hard time maintaining their chemically processed hair and this cap seemed to help a lot in terms of keeping the style intact, especially when the best wave cap is chosen.

Wave caps are actually a remixed version of durags, which I will discuss later in this article. These caps were first stitched by using women’s stockings material.

Now, you will be able to find a wide range of varieties which includes polyester and nylon. Although different colors are available, the best-selling caps are all in black. Polyester and nylon are also best in other attire such as leggings.

Let’s get to know some of the key benefits and disadvantages of this headwear.

Benefits of Wave Cap

1. A Fashion Statement

Wave caps are so in for this season! In fact, people from all over the world love this statement piece.

From superstars to ordinary people, this cap has won everyone’s hearts with its boldness. People from different cultures and backgrounds seem to use this headwear as a symbol of the modern trend.

Although this is an age-old culture that started in the ‘90s, it seems to make a comeback in today’s time as well! Nowadays many athletes and artists are seen wearing this piece proudly and showcasing different styles and color combination that goes perfectly with their outfits.

2. Protects Hair From UV Light

Even people who don’t give a damn about the latest fashion hype, are also seen wearing wave caps. But why?

Well, turns out, these caps are extremely helpful on those hot summer days when the sun is right at its peak and there’s nowhere to hide from the scorching out if you are working outdoors.

Your hair takes the worst hit as it remains unprotected all day and gets damaged by direct sunlight, dust and dirt from the surrounding environment. A wave cap acts like a guardian angel and helps combat the harmful effect of UV rays by keeping your head covered while you are outside.

3. Locks the Moisture in Its Place

People choose a haircut that reflects their personality and helps them look presentable. Some people prefer long locks, while others are happy with short styles.

Man wearing eyeglasses and durag

No matter which way you have decided to style your hair right now, it’s important to keep your hair moisturized all the time. Moisture promotes healthy hair growth and also keeps your scalp in good condition. Moisturized hair lets you opt for different styles and patterns quite easily and it’s also less susceptible to breakage.

Wave caps play an essential role in locking the moisture in your hair in an effective way. Just put a hair oil or gel before wearing this accessory and see the magic of having soft, silky locks on the very next day!

4. Keeps the Style Intact

Remember the crazy hip “360 waves” hairstyle I was talking about earlier in this article?

Well, if you want to maintain that kind of pattern on your head for a long time, then you must keep your hair as flattened as possible.

Even you opt to go for a braided pattern or a curled one, it’s hard to quite difficult to maintain any of them without going to the salon on a regular basis!

Wave caps help you keep your style intact while you are working or sleeping by covering your head. An easy solution that takes less than 15 seconds to put on ends up saving a whole lot in the long run.

Disadvantages of Wave Cap

Gets Displaced Easily

One downfall of this cap is that it can come undone while you are sleeping. Well, it doesn’t happen to everyone in general, especially when you put on the wave cap the right way. But people who tend toss and turn a lot at night might discover that the cap is missing and lying in a corner of the bed.

What Is a Durag?

A durag is a scarf that people use to tie around their heads so that their hairdo stays in place. Typically, durag is attached with a long piece of hood-like clothing material that can be tied behind the back of the head.

There was a time when this accessory was associated with gangster and people wanted to live a thug life! Now it has become a common trend all over the world where people of all colors and race participate.

Benefits of Durag

1. Prevents Breakouts

Did you know one of the core reasons why I often find acne and blemishes on my face is because the oil that comes from the scalp clogs my pores?

Yep. Oil drips down the hair and reaches the pores in your face while you sleep at night. And let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, it’s quite impossible to keep the hair tucked in properly in a ponytail.

Durags are an excellent way of saving yourself from that nightmare! It’s easy, simple and efficient all at the same time. Just throw one of these over your head, tie it properly and enjoy your healthy skin as it’s less prone to develop pimples now!

2. Reduces Hair Loss

Along with my skin, durags are also known to care for my hair and reduces hair loss to a great extent.

While sleeping, many people tend to toss and turn a few times during the entire sleep cycle. As a result, hair gets tangled a lot and, in the morning, you are most likely to find a messy hairdo you never intended to have!

With durag wrapped securely on your head, you will never have a bad hair day in your life! That’s because it helps keep your locks free from getting entangled, thus, reduces hair loss and makes you start the day on the right foot.

Man wearing black durag and an eyeglasses

3. Creates a Rippling Style

If you have just come from a salon session and now looking at the mirror and secretly admiring that dope rippling waves on your head, then you have news to hear my friend!

That cool style will only last for a few days before it vanishes into thin air.

If you want to preserve that hairstyle and keep your waves on point, then using a durag at night is a must. Not only it keeps the styling intact, but it also lets you enjoy a good night without a worry in mind!

4. Comes With Adjustable Settings

The cool thing about durag is its flexibility. You can use it as per your requirement.

You want to cover your head up to your eyebrows? Done! Durag is long enough to cover that up easily.

Feeling like it’s too tight already? Okay. You can untie the knot and keep it loose to make it more comfortable for you!

Although it’s advisable that you should tie it up properly at night to stop it from falling off.

Cons of Durag

Uncomfortable in Summertime

Keeping your head covered for a long time isn’t a good idea. Also, you may find it difficult to keep it on during the summertime. Your scalp might perspire as a result of hot temperature and start to itch at some point.

A durag is usually wrapped tightly around the head. As a result, some people claim that it might contribute to receding the hairline in the long run.

Comparing Wave Cap and Durag Features

Features Durag Wave cap
Compression High Medium
Primary usage Prevent breakouts Gives a fashion look
Breathable Yes No 

Frequently Asked Questions

After How Long Should I Wash My Wave Cap?

Keeping in mind the wave cap is in direct contact with the skin, it’s advisable to wash your wave cap after each workout session to keep your hair healthy.

Usually, washing the wave caps helps reduce the number of times you need to wash your hair, reducing the overall amount of essential oils the shampoo washes out from the hair every time you wash it.

What Material Are Wave Caps Made Of?

Most wave caps are made of synthetic materials such as a blend of spandex and nylon or polyester. Usually, these materials are thin and soft, making the wave cap comfortable even if you wear it for longer.

The spandex in the fabric and the elastic band make the wave cap fit and hold around the head.

For How Long Can I Wear a Durag?

It’s advisable to wear a durag for only around 30 minutes after brushing your waves.

You can also sleep with the durag to prevent oils from the hair from getting on your face or the fabric of your pillow, which can result in breakouts.

However, it’s not advisable to stay with the durag for too long, as it can cut off oxygen from reaching the hair follicles, causing irritations.

Which will give u best compression..WAVE CAP or DURAG? [4k]

Final Verdict – Which One Is the Better Option?

From the above discussion on wave cap vs durag, you might have already picked your favorite one, right?

From my point of view, it’s the best purchase a durag if you are concerned about preserving your hairdo. And if you are more interested in protecting hair from environmental issues and prefer comfort over anything else, then a wave cap is the way to go.

Whatever you choose, I hope it works out for you in the best possible way!

And most importantly, don’t forget to keep rocking your hairdo as there’s beauty in every style if you just know how to show your swag with confidence!