From bikinis to swimsuits, learn about which bathing suit works best for your body and how to rock it the next time you head outside.

How to Make String Bikini Bottoms Fit Better

A woman with long hair is wearing turquoise string bikini bottoms while sitting on a white beach towel with fresh fruits near the shore

Finding a swimsuit that fits your body like a glove is an ultimate challenge. In some instances, you need to make adjustments once you find the design or cut you like. We’re listing different ways how to make string bikini bottoms fit better. How to Make String Bikini Bottoms Fit Better  Among the best ways …

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Is a String Bikini Comfortable?

A woman wearing a purple string bikini and sunglasses lying down on a poolside at the resort

There are several types of bikinis, each with pros and cons. Women continue to wonder if a string bikini is comfortable, given its skimpy appearance. For this guide, we’re explaining the comfort level of string bikinis. Is a String Bikini Comfortable? A string bikini is comfortable because it is purposely designed to rest against the …

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Where Are Thong Bikinis Allowed?

A woman in a blue thong bikini posing with her hands up on the beautiful beach

Different countries, states, and establishments have rules about swimwear. If you plan to wear a thong swimsuit, you should check where thong bikinis are allowed. We’ve listed the places where you can wear a thong bikini and some areas where it’s best to skip your thongs. Where Are Thong Bikinis Allowed? Nearly every state in …

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Can I Wear a Thong Bikini on a Cruise?

A young woman wearing a brown bikini on a sunny day

Thong bikinis are common swimsuits in most states as they are incredibly flattering for most body shapes. Knowing whether you can wear a thong bikini on a cruise can allow you to enjoy its comfortable design when basking on the deck or swimming in the cruise pool. Can I Wear a Thong Bikini on a …

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Why Do Girls Wear Bikinis?

Woman smiling with her hand against her cheeks while wearing a two piece red bikini

If you go to any beach, water park, or public pool, the most common thing you’ll see is girls in bikinis. Bikinis are undoubtedly the most popular style of swimwear and have been for quite some time. What sets a bikini apart from different swimsuits that make girls want to wear them? Why do girls …

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Does Swimming Make Your Breasts Bigger?

a woman swimming wearing a swimsuit

For a lot of people, swimming is not just a hobby; it’s an efficient way to exercise. Swimming is, after all, a great way to stay healthy and build muscular endurance with little impact on your body. However, like any other exercise, swimming comes with its share of confusion. One of the most confusing and …

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Why Are Cotton Clothes Not Allowed in Swimming Pools?

a group of people enjoying the swimming pool

Swimming is not only fun, it also comes with a lot of mental and physical benefits. However, like any other activity, swimming does come with specific regulations, among them the type of clothes to wear. If you’re wondering why are cotton clothes not allowed in swimming pools, you should know your swimwear does impact your …

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What Should I Wear Under a Wetsuit?

a woman sitting beside a surfboard wearing black and white wetsuit

“What should I wear under a wetsuit?” is a common question for anyone who’s new to wearing wetsuits. Any experienced diver or surfer can tell you that there really isn’t specific attire to be worn under a wetsuit – You just wear what’s most comfortable according to the situation.  However, it helps to know the …

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What Is a Tankini Top?

a black woman wearing a pink tankini top

One style of swimwear that’s seen commonly at public pools and beaches is the tankini. It’s not so much the suit that stands out from regular two-piece and one-piece swimwear. What stands out is the top; the tankini top. Well, what is a tankini top? And what makes it so different from other swimsuits? What …

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What Is a Monokini Swimsuit?

a woman wearing a light blue monokini

There’s more to swimwear than just bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. Monokinis have been around for some time now, it’s just that some people aren’t familiar with the term, monokini. If you’re asking yourself, “what is a monokini swimsuit?”, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. What Is a Monokini Swimsuit? A monokini …

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