Flared Leggings Outfit Ideas

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As much as I adore the beautiful blend of past and present vibe flared leggings offered, I found myself puzzling over how to style them for various occasions. After many trials, I’ve found the perfect ensemble for different settings. If you love flared leggings as much as I do, check out the following flared leggings outfit ideas that will give you new ways to wear these iconic pieces.

Flared Leggings Outfit Ideas

Flared leggings are a hybrid of the classic legging and the retro flared pants. They fit snugly from the waist to the knee and then flare out slightly towards the ankle, giving a bell-bottom or boot-cut look. These leggings combine the comfort of leggings with the vintage appeal of the ’70s flared pants. 

Their unique silhouette offers a fresh twist on regular leggings, making them a trendy choice for most fashion-forward people. These leggings are generally versatile, and you can pair them with the following footwear and tops depending on the weather and occasion.

Crisscrossed Velvet Top With Leather Flares

The combination of a crisscrossed velvet top with leather flares can be an excellent choice for a night out and music festivals, especially if it’s a genre that leans more towards rock, indie, or modern style. The crisscrossed velvet top adds a touch of sultriness and elegance to your ensemble. 

Go for a soft velvet material with a rich texture and color that compliments your skin tone or is universally flattering, like black, deep blue, or burgundy. The sheen of the leather contrasts beautifully with the plush texture of the velvet. For footwear, consider ankle boots or pointed-toe heels.

Lace-up Sandals, White Crop Top, and Velvet Flares

An outfit comprising a white crop top, velvet flared leggings, and lace-up sandals can be perfect for a night out, a dinner date, or even a casual day event. Opt for a simple white crop top with short sleeves or sleeveless. 

You can add a touch of sophistication by going for a top with subtle details, such as ruching or ribbing. Go for velvet leggings with black, navy, or deep wine shades to enhance the sophisticated vibe. Ensure the leggings are snug at the waist and thighs and flare out gracefully towards the bottom.

You can then elongate your legs and enhance the flared silhouette of the leggings by wearing lace-up sandals with a slight heel. Opt for sandals in a neutral color such as black, nude, or tan to ensure they go well with the rest of the outfit. Look for sandals with delicate lacing or studded accents for extra flair.

Black Leggings and White Crop Top With Longer Bell Sleeves

Pairing a white crop top with longer bell sleeves and black flares can result in a chic, balanced look. The longer sleeves create a dramatic effect, while the cropped length offers a touch of modernity. 

The solid black of the leggings provides a sleek contrast against the white crop top. Opt for leggings that have a smooth finish, which can complement the flow of the bell sleeves. Depending on the desired look and occasion, you can then accessorize as follows.

  • Since crop tops usually have open necklines, wear a longer pendant necklace or layered necklaces to fill the space and draw attention
  • Choose either dainty stud earrings or more dramatic drop earrings if the neckline is simple
  • Go for a slouchy boho-style bag for a relaxed look or a structured tote or clutch for a more polished appearance
  • For the makeup, do a dewy look to complement the lightness of the white top. Soft neutral eye makeup, a touch of blush, and a nude or soft pink lip can also look great
  • For the hairstyle, you can enhance the boho vibe by going for loose waves or a messy bun
  • Slide-in sandals or white sneakers for a casual look, or heeled ankle boots or strappy heels for a dressy look

Fluffy White Sweater and Red Striped Flares

An outfit featuring a fluffy white sweater and red striped leggings has a festive touch, making it suitable for holiday events or a casual day with friends. The fluffy white sweater will be your main piece for this outfit, offering warmth and texture.   

Depending on the fit, tuck it in slightly at the front or let it sit naturally over the leggings for a relaxed look. The red stripes can act as a statement, so let them shine. Typically, the width and number of the stripes determine whether the leggings look playful or bold.

A Basic Black T-Shirt and Striped Navy-Blue Flares

The combo of a basic black T-shirt and striped navy blue flares is versatile, and you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. For instance, you can wear a fitted black T-shirt if you want a neat silhouette or a slightly loose one for a relaxed look. 

For the leggings, ensure the stripes aren’t too overpowering. I recommend vertical stripes as they make the legs look elongated and are generally more flattering. For casual wear, pair with white sneakers for a laid-back look or simple slide sandals during warmer months.

Statement Printed Tee-Short, Gray Flares, White Shoes and White Handbag

If you are looking for an outfit to wear during a relaxed weekend outing or when attending a group study session, consider the combination of a statement-printed T-shirt, gray flares, and white shoes. 

Go for an oversized tee, then do a knot at the front or tuck one side into the leggings for a more styled appearance. Since it’s a statement tee, the print could be anything from a vintage band graphic to an abstract design. 

The key is to let the tee stand out as the central piece. Go for leggings with a gray shade to complement the color palette of the tee. Match the outfit with white sneakers and a structured white handbag or a chic tote to enhance the laid-back vibe, and then accessorize as follows.

  • Wear a choker or a longer pendant necklace, depending on the neckline of the tee
  • Opt for minimalistic studs or hoops if the tee is loud and busy. If the tee is a bit more on the subtle side, you can choose more noticeable drop or dangle earrings
  • Layer a few bracelets and perhaps a watch. Keep the colors neutral or in line with the tee’s color palette

Related Questions

Can I Wear Flared Leggings to Work?

Although flares are inherently more casual, pairing them with a sophisticated blouse, structured blazer, and high heels can elevate the look for more formal settings, such as the workplace. However, you need to check with your company’s dress code of conduct.

Are Flare Leggings Suitable for All Body Types?

Yes, flares can be flattering for all body types and shapes. The flare can help balance out wider hips or shoulders, and the fitted portion highlights the curves. Like all outfits, it’s about finding the right fit that makes you feel confident.

Can I Wear Flared Leggings in All Seasons?

Yes, you can wear flares in all seasons. In warmer months, pair them with tank tops or T-shirts. In colder seasons, layer them with sweaters, long coats, and scarves to make a cozy yet stylish outfit.

You can also go for thicker materials during the cold months and lighter materials during summer.

Final Thoughts

After journeying through the fashion landscape of leggings, I have compiled the flared leggings outfit ideas to help you create a wide range of looks, from retro-chic to contemporary-cool. You only need to ensure the colors complement one another and the overall outfit fits the occasion.