What to Wear With Velvet Leggings

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Velvet is a vibrant, luxurious fabric that gives any garment a sense of drama and extravagance. Some people think it’s hard to find clothes to pair with velvet leggings, let alone style various outfits. If that’s your case, here’s the ultimate guide on what to wear with velvet leggings that will make you look fresh off the runway.

What to Wear With Velvet Leggings

Velvet is a visually dense fabric, so the key to wearing velvet leggings is to pair them with delicate fabrics, textures, and designs. You can glam up velvet leggings with lace or satin tops. Meanwhile, you can dress down using menswear pieces like oversized tees or chunky sweaters. 

With some of your wardrobe staples, you can make velvet leggings versatile for any occasion and season. These are some ideas to get you started.

a person reading wearing a pink velvet leggings

Textured Top

Silk, lace, flannel, faux fur, and leather balance the appearance of the velvet. Silk and lace add contrast in the texture, while leather gives off a tough vibe against the soft, feminine touch of the velvet leggings. Faux fur and leather accentuate the velvet’s cozy feel. 

For this combo, a pastel-colored textured blouse or long-sleeved top complements the rich and buttery look of dark-colored leggings

Sleek Top

To further streamline your silhouette, pair velvet leggings with a slim-fitting top then finish the look with heels or knee-high boots. Opt for dark-toned tops to achieve a flattering figure.  

Sleek tops work well with velvet leggings that come with elastic waistbands, as the band can help highlight the waist. In effect, this enables the leggings to stand out in contrast to the simple top.

Oversized Tee

If you have brightly-colored velvet leggings, that’s the perfect chance to bring out your oversized tees with quirky or bold designs. Another way is to wear a black sweater with a plain oversized shirt peeking out in the neckline and hem.

Long Shirt or Tunic

If the fabric of the velvet leggings bunches at pressure points, you can cover and smoothen the leggings using tunic tops or long shirts. 

Choose tops with subtle patterns, darker colors, and solid designs. For visual contrast, wear a tunic top with an empire waistline and flowy hemline. 

Turtleneck or Tank Top 

Matching a turtleneck or tank top with velvet leggings is a great way to rock an all-black outfit. You can add a pop of color to this chic and sleek look by putting a plaid scarf around the neck. 

Some velvet leggings tend to add bulk around the waist due to the thick waistband, which you can help shape the body. Create a curvier figure by letting the top’s hem and the waistband of the leggings meet.

Bralette or Sports Bra

Pairing a sports bra or bralette with velvet leggings can spice up your activewear or loungewear. This is ideal if you want more coverage in the legs, yet you want to feel the breeze against your upper body.

Besides, the bralette’s lace details or the sports bra’s flat texture allows the leggings to stand out. In this way, the leggings can help flaunt your slender legs. 

a person reading a book wearing a printed velvet leggings

Chunky Jacket or Sweater

Velvet leggings tend to have a slim fit, and you can balance this by wearing an oversized knit sweater or a bomber jacket. You can also wear a longer layer of clothing underneath the jacket, like a tank top or button-down shirt. 

Go for cashmere, wool, or flannel tops. This style would look good with leather ankle boots or nude-colored knee-high boots.

Faux Fur Vest

Velvet is a popular cold-weather fabric as it provides warmth while allowing you to look fashionable. When the winter season comes, it’s also the perfect opportunity to incorporate a faux fur vest into your outfits. Wear a cream or white blouse under the vest and finish the outfit with nude heels. 


The elegant look of velvet leggings allows you to create several professional or formal outfits. One way to do that is by pairing the leggings with a slim-fitting scoop-neck top and a blazer that covers the hips.  

Another option is to wear a shorter blazer over an untucked button-down top. It would be best to match the colors of the blazer and leggings. 


The shoes may depend on the tops you choose. Velvet leggings work well with most shoe types such as flats, heels, sneakers, and boots. 

What’s important is that the shoes balance your clothes. For instance, if you’re pairing the leggings with a chunky top, try a pair of suede or leather boots. If you’re going for a sleeker profile, it would be better to wear flats, heels, or sneakers.  


You can accessorize velvet leggings without going over the top. Head accessories like beanies, scrunchies, pearl clips, and even a pair of sunglasses can add texture to your profile without stealing the spotlight from the leggings. 

Standard accessories such as a scarf, buckle belt, bracelet, necklace, and wristwatch also go well with velvet leggings. 

Velvet Leggings Outfit Ideas

OutfitsPair leggings with
Outfit 1Lace or satin tops
Outfit 2Textured top
Outfit 3Sleek top
Outfit 4Oversized tee
Outfit 5Long shirt or tunic
Outfit 6Turtleneck or tank top
Outfit 7Bralette or sports bra
Outfit 8Chunky jacket or sweater
Outfit 9Faux fur vest
Outfit 10Blazer
Outfit 11Shoes
Outfit 12Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pair Velvet Leggings With a Velvet Top?

Yes, you can pair velvet leggings with a velvet top, although it might not look stylish. However, you can make your outfit look more sophisticated and stylish by pairing velvet leggings with other fabrics, such as denim.

Should I Wear Velvet Leggings During the Day or Night?

Generally, velvet leggings come in a wide range of colors that make them suitable for both night and day time.

For instance, velvet leggings with muted colors, such as blue, look better at night, while brighter colors such as red, are suitable during the day.

Are Velvet Leggings for Winter Only?

Generally, you can wear velvet leggings during winter and autumn. The fabric used to make the velvet leggings makes them warmer and great for cold seasons such as winter and autumn.

The leggings might start to get excessively warm during spring when the weather starts to get hotter.

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Now that you’ve discovered the hidden gems in your closet, you won’t have to be frantic about what to wear with velvet leggings. With some mix and matching, you can maximize your leggings and create both simple and glamorous looks.