31 Gray Leggings Outfit Ideas

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Most people who love wearing leggings tend to wear black leggings even when wearing outfits of varying colors. Surprisingly, wearing gray leggings can transform you and make you feel fresh and cozy. However, you will need to know what to wear with gray leggings.

Gray Legging Outfit Ideas

Unlike black leggings, gray leggings are versatile with the outfits they go well with. If you are still wondering what to wear with gray leggings, here is a collection of the best gray leggings outfit ideas. 

Woman wearing gray leggings with a fitted shirt

1. Sports Bra or Tank Top

If you plan to wear gray leggings for the gym, you can consider using them with colored sports bras. However, you must ensure that they are not moisture-wicking to prevent sweat marks from showing through the fabric. 

A woman wearing black sports bra and gray leggings

When it comes to outdoor running, you can consider wearing a neon tank top with gray yoga leggings. If you love flaunting your body, this pairing will allow you to show off your toned arms and curves. 

2. Long Dress

If you thought that only the combination of dresses and classic leggings could look great, that is not the case. Gray leggings look amazing when combined with dresses of different colors, especially if your dress is long enough such that your bum is well covered. However, you will need to check whether the colors match. 

Woman wearing a dress over her leggings

3. Comfortable Hoodie

If you are not planning to go to the gym, you can consider wearing a cozy hoodie with gray leggings. This combination is also great for a casual vibe like a lazy day.

4. Mock Neck Crop Top

You can transform a combination of gray leggings with a gray mock neck crop-top into different aesthetics. For instance, you can make the combination a matching work set if the materials and fabrics are suitable for exercises. 

On the other hand, you can make this combination a casual vibe if the bottom and the top fit your body smoothly. Matching this combination with the accessories such as jewelry and a bag can enhance the versatility of this outfit.

5. Leather Jacket or Blazer

You can try combining gray leggings with a colored leather jacket to make an edgy outfit that is rarely done. When it comes to an office outfit, you can consider wearing dark gray leggings with a long enough blazer to cover your crotch. Your colleagues will not know that you are wearing non-see-through leggings with a professional blazer. 

Woman wearing a black blazer and gray leggings

6. Knit Sweater or Crew-Neck Sweater

Many people don’t know that they can wear gray moto leggings with super soft, light-colored, cozy, and slouchy knit sweaters. This is a great combination, especially for expectant mums who are looking for a comfy outfit. 

You can also pair your crew-neck sweater with gray leggings during the cold Seasons when your jeans are in the laundry. It is also a popular pairing for celebrities when strolling around the city or after finishing their exercise sessions.

7. Teddy Coat or Long Coat

When it comes to winter weather, you can make a perfect layered outfit by wearing gray leggings underneath and then wearing teddy coats with pastel dresses.

You can wear the gray leggings with a long coat for quick errands or when the weather doesn’t demand this kind of outfit. You can look extra cute if you combine these affordable gray leggings with a high-quality pastel long coat.

A woman with blonde hair is wearing a gray cardigan, white tee, and black leggings while standing on a gray carpeted floor

8. Oversized Cardigan or Peplum Top 

If you want to look chic and sassy when wearing gray leggings, you can wear your basic leggings and top and then wear an oversized cardigan on top. You can also make yourself look put together and interesting by using geometric cardigans that come with patterns. 

If comfortability is your priority, you can consider wearing gray leggings instead of skirts. You can also look great and stylish by combining the gray leggings with peplum tops.

9. Activewear Top 

You don’t have to stop wearing leggings simply because you don’t like wearing sports bras. You can try wearing gray leggings with sportswear or activewear tops when going for your workout sessions. 

A woman wearing gray leggings standing on a big rock

10. Chambray Shirt With Gray Ripped Leggings 

Unlike wearing gray thigh-high boots, you can consider giving people a little bit of surprise by wearing a casual outfit that will give you a tough look. Wear a white T-shirt, a light blue chambray button-up shirt and then combine with gray leggings. 

11. Gray Legging, White Sneakers and White Deep V-Neck Blouse 

Unlike wearing a chambray shirt with gray ripped leggings, you can have a sexy outfit when going for a friend’s gathering, wear a white deep V-neck blouse and then combine it with gray leggings. You can improve your youthful appearance by wearing white sneakers. 

12. Light Gray Leggings, Blue Denim Jacket, and Running Shoes

If you want to have a more boyish look than wearing a deep v-neck blouse with sneakers, consider wearing a gray t-shirt and then pair it with an oversized light blue denim jacket. Combine this outfit with a pair of gray leggings and a pair of white sneakers.

13. White Sneakers, White Tank Top, and Gray One Shoulder Cape Sweater 

This outfit is great for people who want to look sexy without revealing their skin. Wear a gray one-shoulder cape sweater with a white neck tank top at the top such that you reveal collarbones. Combine this outfit with a pair of white sneakers and a pair of gray leggings.

14. Dark Gray Leggings for Streetwear 

You can achieve an extra cute look by wearing a super dark gray cardigan, a lighter gray shirt, a pair of dark gray leggings, and black ankle boots. You can improve the looks by combining this outfit with a wide-brimmed fedora and purse that are also black.

A woman wearing a black t-shirt

15. Dark Gray Leggings With a Fur Jacket 

Like wearing gray leggings for streetwear, another comfortable and super cute outfit is an eggplant purple fur jacket, a black top, and dark gray leggings. Although this combination is not complex, it will make you look great.

16. Dark Gray Leggings and Camel High Tops

You can make your outfit outstanding by combining brown, green, and gray. Simply wear camel-colored high-tops and a green jacket, and dark gray leggings. 

17. Gray Leggings With Knotted Gray Top 

You can achieve an extra cute look that is slightly casual and sporty by combining flip-flops, a baseball cap, knotted V-neck, and gray leggings. If you like, you can swap the flip-flops with ankle boots or sneakers. This outfit is excellent for traveling, hanging out with friends, or running errands.

A woman sitting on a big rock

18. Gray Leggings With a Denim Jacket 

You will love the cute look you will achieve by wearing a hoodie beneath a denim jacket and combining it with gray leggings. You can even improve the look by wearing green scrunchie or a pair of white or colored sneakers. 

19. Gray Leggings With Black Knee-High Boots 

Like the gray thigh boots, black knee-high boots combine well with gray leggings. You can improve the looks by pairing this outfit with a shorter dress or a long shirt.

20. Gray Leggings With Gray Thigh High Boots 

Like the black knee-high boots, gray thigh-high boots combine well with gray leggings. You can make yourself cuter by matching a cardigan and wearing a white last tank.

21. Snowy Gray and Pink Outfit 

Unlike wearing light gray leggings, a blue denim jacket, and running shoes, a gray and pink outfit gives a girlish look, and an outfit that combines gray and pink is always fabulous. You can consider wearing gray leggings whenever you are wearing a pink outfit.

A woman wearing a gray leggings

22. Light Gray Leggings With Fur Vest

Wearing cooler tone gray leggings with a warmer tone brown vest will make you look fashionable. You can match this combination by having a black purse and wearing black ankle boots. You can also swap the ankle boots with the over-the-knee boots, a pair of heels, or even sneakers.

A woman wearing a modern blazer, leggings, and high heel boots while standing near a glass sliding door

23. Gray Leggings Off-The-Shoulder Top and Heels 

Another sweet and simple combination is wearing a pair of nude strappy heels, gray leggings, and a black off-the-shoulder top. This combination is easy, and you can use it for casual vibes or when going out.

Gray Leggings Outfit Ideas

OutfitsPair Gray Leggings With
Outfit 1Sports bra or tank top
Outfit 2 Long dress
Outfit 3Hoodie
Outfit 4Mock neck crop top
Outfit 5Leather jacket or blazer
Outfit 6Knit sweater
Outfit 7Teddy or long coat
Outfit 8Oversized cardigan or peplum top
Outfit 9Activewear top
Outfit 10Chambray shirt
Outfit 11Blue denim jacket and running shoes
Outfit 12White tank top, gray one shoulder cape sweater and white sneakers
Outfit 13Fur jacket
Outfit 14Camel high tops
Outfit 15Knotted gray top
Outfit 16Denim jacket
Outfit 17Black knee-high boots
Outfit 18Gray thigh-high boots
Outfit 19Snowy gray and pink outfit
Outfit 20Fur vest
Outfit 21Off-the-shoulder top and heels
Outfit 22White sneakers and white deep V-neck blouse

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Should I Wear With Gray Leggings?

The best shoes to wear with gray leggings are brown shoes. These shoes are versatile and go well with most colors, including gray.

However, you need to match the right shade of brown with the right shade of gray to create a bold style that looks classic and modern.

What Can I Wear With Dark Gray Leggings?

You can wear a sporty cropped sweatshirt, long-sleeve activewear top, workout tank, thermal long-sleeve tee, jacket, or a solid-colored tunic sweatshirt with dark gray leggings.

Unlike how many people think, dark gray leggings have a lighter shade than gray leggings.

What Can I Wear With Light Gray Leggings?

Light gray leggings complement well with soft blue, pink, and white colors. For instance, you can wear light gray leggings with a white duffle coat and gray athletic shoes to look casual when running errands.

You can also match light gray leggings with a black and white geometric open cardigan.

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Final Thoughts

If you have been stuck with black leggings because you don’t know what to wear with gray leggings, above are various gray leggings outfit ideas you should give a try. The above gray leggings outfit ideas will make you look attractive and cozy.