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a group of people enjoying the swimming pool

Cotton Clothes & Swimming Pools

Swimming is not only fun, it also comes with a lot of mental and physical benefits. However, like any other activity, swimming does come with specific regulations, among them the type of clothes to wear.

Man fixing his durag on his head

Wave Cap vs Durag: Learn the Differences

“Spinnas” or “360 Waves” first gained its popularity around the ‘90s. This hip-hop hairstyle was inspired by some famous icons in the entertainment industry like rapper Nelly and the three-time Grammy winner P.Diddy.

Close-up shot of a man wearing wave cap

Top 10 Wave Caps of the Year

Struggling to keep your waves in place? What you need is a wave cap or a durag. A durag will work excellently for holding your hair when you’re asleep as it doesn’t come off as readily as a wave cap.

Women in leotard and leggings while having ballet

How to Wear a Leotard With Leggings

Leotards are a comfortable piece of clothing that can accommodate movements at ease. Leggings, on the other hand, are leotards for the legs as it can also compliment wide movements.

Woman stretching with gray tights

How to Stretch Tights That Are Too Small

Have you ever bought tights, and they ended up being too small? You are not alone. After some time has elapsed, you may realize that you cannot return them to the store

a man holding his calvin klein underwear

Top Hot Weather Men’s Underwear of the Year

When you’re in cold weather, the best advice is usually to add more layers to keep yourself warm. However, in hot weather, you only have so many layers you can possibly remove.

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Why Do Girls Wear Bikinis?

If you go to any beach, water park, or public pool, the most common thing you’ll see is girls in bikinis. Bikinis are undoubtedly the most popular style of swimwear and have been for quite some time. What sets a bikini apart from different swimsuits that make girls want to wear them? Why do girls wear bikinis?

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women sitting on the beach wearing a bikini
Woman with camouflage leggings stretching up

How to Hide Cellulite in Leggings

Every woman’s dream is to look nice and feel confident in how they look. Cellulite affects a lot of women, and it ends up making them lose confidence in how they look. Let us look at how to hide cellulite in leggings.

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How to Put Padding in a One Piece Swimsuit

It’s almost that time of the year again when we let loose and spend time with friends and family. For some of us, we prefer spending the hot summer in a pool or a beach getting that tan. However, for most women thinking of the beach or pool becomes a stressful thought, especially when they think of their swimsuit.

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a woman wearing a black lined bikini
Woman wearing leggings while doing push-up

How to Fix a Hole in Leggings Without Sewing

Leggings are a very popular fashion trend these days. We all know how expensive leggings can be. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on them and repair any holes as soon as they appear. In this article, we will go over how to fix a hole in your leggings without sewing.

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How to Fold Leggings

If you wear leggings all the time, whether for work or exercise, you probably have lots of leggings stuffed somewhere in your closet. Learning how to fold leggings can help you store them properly and get a pair from the closet without messing up other clothes.

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Woman preparing a mat while wearing leggings
A woman wearing orange bikini on a beach while holding a bottle

Top Brazilian Bikinis of the Year

When it comes to wearing bikinis, being too under-dressed is not really a concern, especially if you love wearing a sexy push up bikini or one like this with a Brazilian cut. With the best Brazilian bikinis, you can expose as much of your buttocks as you want without being called out for inappropriateness. Reap the benefits of those squats and flaunt what you’ve got!

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