Why Do Girls Wear Bikinis?

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If you go to any beach, water park, or public pool, the most common thing you’ll see is girls in bikinis. Bikinis are undoubtedly the most popular style of swimwear and have been for quite some time. What sets a bikini apart from different swimsuits that make girls want to wear them? Why do girls wear bikinis?

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Why Do Girls Wear Bikinis?

When the bikini was first designed, in 1946, women were very hesitant about wearing them. However, they soon became a signal of liberation for women to freely show off their body. Acceptable fashion has changed since then, and girls now wear bikinis for many other reasons. 

Girls simply wear bikinis because they want to. It’s as simple as that. Some other reasons why girls wear bikinis are:

two girl wearing colorful bikinis
  • Comfort
  • Achieve a fuller tan
  • Flexibility in movement
  • Decrease sweating
  • Feel feminine and attractive

Now that you’ve understood some of the main reasons why girls wear bikinis, we can go further in detail on how these reasons make wearing a bikini preferable. 


Some people may think that wearing a bikini is uncomfortable, however, for some girls, wearing a bikini is actually more comfortable than wearing other styles of swimwear. This is because there’s less clothing along the skin. 

Less clothing means less irritation. Girls don’t have to constantly adjust bikinis the way they would with other swimwear. Also, because swimwear is usually tight, there’s less restricting fabric with a bikini. 


Girls often look for less revealing swimwear to avoid as many tan lines as possible. A bikini allows girls to get a full tan across the stomach and back, as well as the legs. 

Some bikinis come in very revealing styles for this exact reason. Bikini tops usually come with string ties, which you can easily untie while sunbathing to get a complete tan along the back. There are even some bikinis that can tan your skin right through the fabric.


Bikinis allow girls to bend over and stretch without extra, compressing fabric in the way. For example, a one-piece swimsuit would ride up on the bottom when stretching or bending. Likewise, swimsuit bottoms designed as shorts would give a person less movement while swimming. 

Less Sweating

Because a bikini leaves the stomach and back bare, it decreases the chance of sweating in those areas. This is especially beneficial for girls who go to the beach or pool to sunbathe. Not everyone swims in their bikini, some people don’t even touch the water. Bikinis are better to wear in the heat to allow air to reach more parts of the body due to the lack of fabric.


Bikinis allow a girl to feel confident and sexy. Girls wear bikinis to make them feel good about themselves, as well as to stand out. A trendy bikini is all it takes to make a girl feel more feminine and stylish. 

Girls choose bikinis over other swimwear because of the many styles, which can help them pick the one that looks best on them.

Why Do Female Athletes Wear Bikinis?

If you watch sports, then you’ve noticed that the female uniforms for sports like Volleyball, Track and Field, and Cheerleading are sometimes bikinis. Some of the reasons are the same when it comes to swimming, however, there are other certain reasons why female athletes wear bikinis.

Female athletes aren’t mandated to only wear bikinis as their uniform. Some of these female athletes simply find them more comfortable than other types of uniforms. 


In volleyball, bikinis are better because of the extremely hot weather. Volleyball is a high endurance sport and can make a person sweat excessively. Bikini uniforms are the least amount of clothing volleyball players are allowed to wear. Due to the hot weather, this makes bikinis the best uniform to wear.

The hot weather is not the only thing that makes female volleyball players prefer bikinis; the sand is another reason. Volleyball is played on the sand, which makes it easy to get sand in their clothing. This can be extremely irritating. 

Volleyball players are often trying to get the sand out of their uniforms. With bikinis, it’s less clothing, which means less sand getting trapped in places. Bikinis also make it easier to remove the sand. 

Track and Field

Women who run track and field are also able to choose from bikini uniforms. The reason why runners prefer to wear bikinis is due to the flexibility they have in moving their legs, as well as the ability to achieve a faster speed

The bikini bottom is much less restricting in movement than other uniforms that include shorts and pants. This helps high jumpers lift their legs higher and quicker. 


A lot of cheerleading outfits include bikinis, either with panty bottoms or attached mini skirts. Cheerleaders wear bikinis to achieve the most flexibility when it comes to their dance moves. Because they have a lot of movements which include the torso, bikinis are the easiest thing to wear. 

It’s also important for cheerleaders to stand out, and wearing a bikini does just that!


Women wear standard two-piece bikinis to allow their muscles to be visible. This lets the judges get a clear view of the bodybuilder’s full muscular body.

three surfers wearing bikinis


As you’ve just read, girls wear bikinis for a great number of reasons. A lot of people tend to think that girls wear bikinis only for sex appeal, though that’s not the case. Girls are able to wear bikinis for any reason they may choose, and that shouldn’t concern anyone other than themselves.