How to Wash Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants are a staple for most people who practice yoga or exercise. They are comfortable and versatile though they need to be washed correctly to maintain their quality. This guide will teach you how to wash your yoga pants to stay in good condition for as long as possible.

How to Wash Your Yoga Pants

Taking care of your yoga pants is easy when you know how to clean them first if you don’t want to damage the fabric. With that in mind, let’s get into more details about the cleaning procedure.

A woman wearing pink yoga pants
  1. Sort out the yoga pants first. Make sure that you wash dark clothes with like colors and light-colored clothes with light-colored clothes.
  2. Turn your pants inside out so that the inner fabric is facing outward. This will protect it from staining and damage when in the wash. It also ensures that you don’t accidentally put them into a load of other clothes that could stick to the wet surface.
  3. Use a mild soap like Woolite to avoid discoloring your pants. If your pants are made from natural fibers, use a clothing-specific bio-friendly laundry soap to keep them as clean and biodegradable as possible.
  4. Wash in cold water using the gentle cycle. The agitation can cause them to shrink or become misshapen if they are washed in hot water, which you want to avoid.
  5. Avoid using fabric softener at all costs. Fabric softener can make your clothes feel softer, however, it will also reduce the lifespan of your yoga pants and make them less stretchy. To keep them smelling fresh instead, opt for a fragrance-free wash.
  6. Dry on low heat or air dry. If you use a dryer, place them on a low heat cycle to avoid shrinking them. Air drying is better for the environment and your clothes.
  7. If you’re using a front-loading washing machine, open the lid and let them air dry inside to keep them from getting musty.
  8. Do the spin cycle and hang clothes to dry if you’re feeling ambitious. This can help save time and will be gentle on the fabric of your pants, though they may take a while to dry compared with air drying.
  9. Hang or fold neatly afterward – never ball them up or shove them into a drawer as you’ll damage the shape of the waistband and pant legs. When not in use, store in a cool and dark place. Direct sunlight can fade the colors in your pants over time.

Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Yoga Pants

Most people assume that the only way to take care of them is by never allowing anything else near them and certainly not giving them a wash like all clothing. Taking care of yoga pants is necessary to keep them looking as great as new.

Gentle Cycle Is Your Friend

Many people will tell you to wash your yoga pants on a delicate cycle, although the truth is that this might not be enough. If you are dealing with really sweaty pants, put them in the washer in a cool setting. This will prevent any heat damage, leading to even more shrinkage.

A woman doing yoga poses while wearing yoga pants

Avoid Wringing Out Your Yoga Pants

Don’t try to wring out your yoga pants by hand because they can tear if you do so. Instead, remove them from the washer after the spin cycle and gently squeeze all excess water out before hanging or laying them flat to dry.

Machine drying is suitable for most fabric types, though your yoga pants may not come out looking as good if you do so. Air drying is best because it will prevent further damage to the elastic and won’t warp or fade the colors of your pants.

Avoid Too Much Soap

Using too much soap can leave your fitness clothing full of bubbles, which distort the shape and increase the chance of stretching out. One tablespoon should be enough to get your clothes clean.

If you feel like you need more soap, try adding an extra half a tablespoon instead of using the whole tablespoon at once.

Use a Spandex Detergent

Using regular laundry detergent to wash your yoga pants is a big mistake. Regular laundry detergent contains enzymes that break down protein-based stains, whereas spandex and sports detergents do not have this ingredient which means that the stink will stick around instead of being washed away.

Just because it’s marketed as “sports-specific” doesn’t mean that you can use it for other activities, a spandex-specific detergent is different altogether. It contains no enzymes and will wash away the residue from your workout.

Do Not Use Dryer Sheets

Using a dryer sheet can cause buildup in the fabric of your yoga pants and lead to a chemical reaction that alters their color. Instead, use a small amount of vinegar if you need extra softening action.

Vinegar is good for all types of fabrics and will help prevent further damage to your clothes after washing them. Just make sure you rinse them thoroughly before drying to ensure that all of the residues from the vinegar are gone.

A woman doing stretches while wearing yoga pants

Other tips include:

  • Instead of putting them in a traditional top-loading washing machine, use a laundry bag, mesh lingerie bag, or clean pillowcase. Mesh bags will protect your clothes better than loose storage because they can breathe.
  • If you need to stretch out a pair of yoga pants, hang them up by the waistband and lightly stretch them back and forth. This will prevent ripping or tearing.
  • If your yoga pants are stained, don’t use bleach because it can damage the fabric. Instead, rub a mild soap into the stain before washing it to see if that helps. You can also use vinegar or soak stubborn stains overnight in cold water to loosen them up.
  • You can upcycle you yoga pants and turn it into a leggings.

How to Wash Yoga Pants

StepsWhat to do
Step 1Sort the yoga parts
Step 2Turn them inside out
Step 3Place them in a laundry bag or clean pillowcase
Step 4Add some mild soap
Step 5Add some spandex detergent
Step 6Gently wash in cold water
Step 7Air dry or dry on low heat
Step 8Fold neatly and store in a cool and dark place

Frequently Asked Questions

After How Long Should I Wash Yoga Pants?

It’s advisable to wash yoga pants after every wear, especially when engaging in rigorous workouts. Usually, yoga pants are in direct contact with your skin and then tend to get soaked with sweat during exercises.

This can cause odors or even skin irritations if you wear the pants several days in a row.

Why Are My Yoga Pants Shrinking After Washing?

The main reason yoga pants shrink after washing is washing in hot water.

Keeping in mind that most yoga pants are made of synthetic materials such as a blend of spandex and nylon or polyester, they tend to shrink when washed in hot water or dried using hot dryer settings.

How Can I Remove the Sweat Smell From My Yoga Pants?

You can remove the sweat smell from the yoga pants by soaking them in a solution of cold water and vinegar for around 30 minutes before washing.

Alternatively, you can combine half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle, shake to form a homogeneous solution, and then spritz the yoga pants. You can consider adding several drops of essential oils to help remove the vinegar smell.

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Yoga pants are perfect for exercise though require special care to remain durable and comfortable. By washing them after each use, you can keep them looking great while preserving their elasticity. When you are ready to launder them, use cold water and avoid the dryer for best results.