How to Make Ripped Leggings

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Ripped leggings are starting to rule the fashion world with its foxy, casual look that can match and accentuate different skin tones and body sizes. However, brands are selling these amazing pieces for hundreds of dollars. Not very budget-friendly, right?

Woman wearing ripped leggings

Do you want to expand your wardrobe by adding ripped leggings to your daily trendy outfits? Why spend a hundred bucks if you can do it yourself! Turn your dull leggings into trendy ripped ones. All you need are simple household items and these few easy-peasy steps.


Things You Need for Making Ripped Leggings

Making ripped leggings is really easy especially when you have the complete list of items that you are going to use. Luckily, you don’t need to go out of your way to the store to find these things as most of them are basic household items you use everyday. Here are the list of things you need to make a perfect ripped leggings:

  • Pair of fabric or regular scissors
  • Pen or maker
  • Nail file
  • Cardboard or old magazine
  • Pair of tweezers

While creativity and improvisation can help, it can sometimes alter the look that you want to do especially if you want to replicate a basic design you saw on the internet. So having the exact items to use will definitely make the perfect ripped leggings design of your own and wear it comfortably like wearing a capri leggings to prevent excessive heat.

How to Make Ripped Leggings: 3 Easy Steps

After securing the household items you need to use, it is the time for your creativity and craftiness to shine! Just make sure to keep your hands safe from injuries since you will be using sharp scissors for this one. Here’s are the 3 easy steps to make a fashionable ripped leggings:

Wear Down the Legging’s Fabric

Make sure to wear down the legging’s fabric before cutting it to make a ripped one. Wearing down the fabric will give a natural effect to your ripped leggings. Also, it will help with the actual cutting since worn-down fabrics are easier to cut and alter.

Ripped leggings with style

You can wear down a specific area that you want to rip by fitting the leggings first. After wearing, start designing the rips and tears by leaving marks on the area using a pen or a marker. You can take off the leggings after making sure that the areas you want to rip are marked using the pen or marker that you have.

The second step is to put a cardboard or an old magazine inside the leggings in the area that you want to rip. Start wearing down the fabric using the nail file until it becomes fluffy or wooly. After successfully wearing down the fabric, leave the cardboard or old magazine inside as it gives a flattening effect to the leggings for an easier cutting.

Make Cuts and Rips

Using the marks as a guide, carefully cut the leggings using scissors. Make sure to cut the legging’s fabric flat down to avoid sharp edges and double cuts that could ruin the look of your ripped leggings. Also, avoid doing big cuts as it could reach up to the seams and damage the integrity of the leggings.

After cutting, use the tweezers to pluck out fabrics within the cut. This will give a more rugged and ripped effect to your leggings. This part of distressing the fabric was up to you, just make sure to don’t overdo it as the fabric would naturally wear overtime during wash.

Remove the cardboard or old magazine inside the leggings and give a final retouch to your new ripped leggings.

Gentle Wash Your Ripped Leggings

After all the wearing, cutting, ripping, and distressing, surely your new ripped leggings will end up with loose threads, fluffs, wools, and fabric. Wash our ripped leggings using a washing machine set in gentle wash to get rid of all the excess fabrics and threads. It will also add to the natural ripped look.

After washing, make sure to air dry your leggings to avoid further damages. You can now wear and experiment new fashion trends with your new ripped leggings once it’s fully dried!

Steps to Make Ripped Leggings

StepsWhat to do
Step 1Wear-down the leggings fabric
Step 2Make cuts and rips
Step 3Wash the ripped leggings gently
Woman wearing hoodie and ripped leggings

Tips and Reminders

After following all the steps, you can now enjoy beautiful ripped leggings. But make sure to remember these reminders and tips during the do-it-yourself process:

  • Avoid cutting your leggings vertically. Vertical cuts are more prone to damages and it will end up splitting over time.
  • Skip the wearing down process if your leggings are already worn down. Old leggings are highly applicable clothing pieces to alter into ripped ones since its fabric is already rugged to begin with. It will also add to the naturally ripped effect that you might want to achieve.
  • Avoid having too many cuts and rips. While it can be quite fashionable to have more cuts and rips in your ripped leggings, doing this will diminish the structure and integrity of the clothing and the fabric. With that, it will be almost impossible to maintain.
  • Avoid distressing close or within the seams of the leggings to avoid splitting and ruining the fabric.
  • Leggings without seams are almost impossible to alter into ripped leggings. If you want to alter seamless leggings, do not expect them to last for a long time as the seams are the one responsible for holding the legging’s fabric together in a ripped leggings.

An additional tip for maintenance, ripped leggings will be more fragile and prone to damages because of all the cutting and wearing down. Always air dry them because washing and drying will ruin and trample the fabric of the leggings. It will also help your new ripped leggings to last for months and years of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Ripped Leggings Using Seamless Styles?

Yes, you can make ripped leggings using seamless styles. Usually, the seamless design doesn’t necessarily mean the leggings don’t have a seam.

Rather, it means the leggings have minimal seams compared to the traditional styles. These seams can help to hold the fabric after ripping the leggings.

Are Ripped Leggings Durable?

Generally, ripped leggings are not durable as ripping is a form of damage to the fabric, which introduces a weakness.

In most cases, leggings will continue ripping by themselves, making the hole larger over time. This is more common if the leggings have minimal seams or the ripping is close to the seams.

Can I Fix Ripped Leggings?

Yes, you can fix ripped leggings. However, the hole you might make when making ripped leggings tends to be large and usually located around the knee or thigh area.

Unlike when fixing small holes, patching large holes in such critical locations can make the leggings look bad. Also, the fabric tends to stretch around these areas, and the repair might not last.

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Ripped leggings can be achieved using simple common household items and three easy instructions. Wear down the leggings fabric, cut the fabric based on your chosen design, and gentle wash using a washing machine. Just make sure to avoid cutting it vertically or ripping it too much as it will ruin the legging’s fabric.

It’s that easy. Right color to fit and fabric choices will get you the best fit for your body and you can wear them in any occasion or you can even use it to go work. Flaunt your style with your new DIY ripped leggings!