What Length Lululemon Leggings Should I Get?

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Lululemon is one of the most popular companies for making high-quality leggings for workouts and activities such as yoga. However, due to their wide variety of fabrics, styles, and designs, it can be challenging to know which length will suit you best. So, what length of Lululemon leggings should I get?

What Length of Lululemon Leggings Should I Get?

You should get lululemon leggings length that will fall just above your ankles for full-length leggings or below your knees in case of crops. Getting ones that are shorter than these lengths might cut you off at the shin and create a stinted silhouette. Keeping in mind that lululemon stores allow you to try the garments, you can fit the leggings to get the right length.

Woman in black long sleeves and blue leggings is seated on a brown couch fixing her leggings

In most cases, the salesperson will help you choose the most appropriate length, and then you can enter the dressing room and try it out. Usually, there is a mirror in the dressing room, and you can check whether it’s the length you want.

However, if you buy the leggings online, you won’t have the opportunity to try them out. Fortunately, you can take your measurements by running a tape measure from the end of your crotch, along the inside of the thigh to the bottom of the ankle bone, and then check the length in the following size chart.

SizeHip (Inches)Tall Inseam (Inches)Standard Inseam (Inches)Waist (Inches)
14 (XXL)45 353235
12 (XL)42353233
10 (L)41353231
8 (M)39353229
6 (S)37353227
4 (XS)35353225
2 (XXS)33353223
0 (XXXS)323121

How to Know Your Lululemon Leggings Are the Right Length

Even with the above size chart, these leggings come in many fabric, style, and design variations that might affect how fitting the leggings can be.

Also, people of the same height tend to vary in body weight and shape, which might make leggings of the same inseam length fit different people differently. It’s therefore advisable to consider the following comfort and appearance aspects to ensure the leggings meet your size and length expectations.


Even with the best leggings, you might not look great if the leggings are excessively wrinkled. Although wrinkles vary with the fabric, style of the leggings, and how you wash them, excessive wrinkling might indicate that the leggings are oversized.

For instance, if the wrinkles appear as excess fabric around the thigh crease and crotch, it could indicate that the leggings are oversized and too loose. Generally, it’s because the length of leggings is proportional, and longer leggings translate to longer length from the front to the back of your waist.

Wrinkles might also form around the ankles since the fabric is long, yet the elastic band at the cuff of the leggings might not allow them to get past the ankles. You should, however, note that even fitting leggings might still form some wrinkles.


Whether you’re wearing full-length or crop leggings, the following things can indicate that the leggings are shorter than they should be:

  • If you are wearing full-length leggings and they sit above the ankles and seem pulled up, such that the cuff holds tight on the calves.
  • If your crop leggings are pulling up to the knee area and the cuff seems to try to get above your knees.
  • If some form of fainting fabric forms around the crotch due to the straining of the fabric
Woman wearing a black long sleeves and blue leggings fixing her leggings while seated on a couch in the living room

General Comfort and Appearance

The easiest way to tell the leggings are your size is to fit them and look at yourself in the mirror or ask your friend how you look. If you try them out in the lululemon stores, you can ask the salesperson to help you evaluate the size.

Generally, you can tell the length of the leggings is fitting if the fabric smoothly falls on your body when standing up straight. You can also walk around and feel how comfortable the leggings are.

Tips on How to Know That Your Lululemon Leggings Are the Right Length

TipsA fitting legging should not
Tip 1Have wrinkles
Tip 2Overstretch 
Tip 3Cause discomforts

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know That the Lululemon Leggings Are Too Short?

Generally, lululemon leggings offer compression to the skin, and if you find that it leaves a red stretch mark around the bottom and the waist, it means that the leggings are too short.

That means you need to size up the leggings, especially if you are pregnant, as the waistband might be too tight and can hinder a steady baby bump growth.

What Is the Length of ⅞ Lululemon Leggings?

The ⅞ leggings have an overall length of 36 inches from the waist to the cuff and an inseam length of 26 inches. Typically, these are the best-selling leggings and are great for workouts and wearing casually at home.

Do Lululemon Leggings Run True to Size?

Lululemon leggings usually run true to size, especially if you get a professional to take measurements.

Although there are still chances of the leggings running larger depending on the style and fabric, it’s advisable to order them in your true size to maximize your chances of ending up with a decent fit.

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Final Thoughts

Even if lululemon leggings are high-quality and stylish, getting the wrong length of leggings can break your silhouette. It’s therefore advisable to try the leggings out if buying from the stores or take measurements and then check your size on the lululemon size chart if ordering online.