How to Wash Lululemon Leggings

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Lululemon leggings are popular for their quality and versatility. However, they tend to have a high price tag, so the last thing you want is to ruin the leggings while washing them. Fortunately, there are simple yet effective ways on how to wash Lululemon leggings that can keep them functional, clean, and stylish.

How to Wash Lululemon Leggings

The best way to wash Lululemon leggings is to pretreat any stains before hand washing them using detergent and cold water. While the leggings are machine-washable, make sure to turn them inside out and put them in a wash bag before washing in a cold, delicate cycle. 

When it comes to drying, hanging or air drying leggings preserve the fabric. Aside from washing and care instructions for specific Lululemon pairs or styles, below are several ways to clean all kinds of Lululemon leggings. 

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Pretreating Stains 

Use Cold Water to Rinse the Stained Part

Run the stained portion of the leggings under cool water, especially if the stains are dirt, blood, grease, and oily food. Don’t use hot water because heat can set the stain further. 

You can also mix a 1/4 cup of vinegar or baking soda to remove the smell. Let the Lululemon leggings stay in the mixture for 20 to 30 minutes.

Do a Spot Test for Stain Removal 

Apply a dab of stain remover to an unnoticeable part, like the inside of the waistband. Wait for a few minutes for the stain remover to set in. 

If there’s no discoloration, this means the chemicals are not damaging to the fabric. Only then can you spray the stain remover all over the stained portion. 

Hand Washing Lululemon Leggings 

Due to the delicate fabric, hand washing is the gentlest and safest way to wash Lululemon leggings. 

  1. Fill a sink or washbasin with cold water.
  2. Add a scoop of detergent and mix it to form a soapy solution. 
  3. Submerge the leggings in the mixture and let them sit there for at least 20 minutes. 
  4. Hand wash the leggings gently by rubbing the fabric between your fingers. 
  5. Use cool water to rinse the leggings, and continue this until the water is no longer soapy.
  6. Instead of squeezing, press the water out of the leggings. 
  7. Once you’ve finished, lay the leggings flat on a clean surface or hang them on a clothesline to dry. 

Cleaning Lululemon Leggings in a Washing Machine 

If hand washing isn’t applicable to your situation or you have limited time, you can also clean Lululemon leggings using a washing machine. 

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Combine Leggings With Similar Fabric and Colors 

Wash the leggings with other Lululemon garments or the same type of clothing. I don’t recommend you include cotton pieces because fluff from shirts or towels can stick to the fabric. 

Likewise, avoid washing leggings in the same load with abrasive materials such as denim, Velcro straps, and zippers that can cause tears and frays. 

Like other kinds of clothing, don’t mix light-colored ones with dark-toned leggings. If you’re unsure about the hues, place them into two different loads. 

Turn the Leggings Inside Out and Place Them in a Mesh Bag

Turn the Lululemon leggings inside out to protect both the surface and the insides. This also decreases the chance of snagging and fading.  

Put the leggings inside a washing or delicate bag to preserve elasticity and avoid tears. You can use a pillowcase if you don’t have a mesh bag. 

Use Detergent and No Fabric Softener

Add one to two cups of detergent to the washer. While normal laundry soap can work, it would be better to use sports laundry detergent containing natural ingredients that remove odor due to germs, oil, and sweat. 

Aside from that, it’s unwise to use a fabric softener or fragrant detergent as the residue can clog the pores and coats that prevent the Lululemon leggings from wicking away bacteria and sweat.

Choose a Cold, Delicate Washing Cycle

Wash the Lululemon leggings with cold water on a gentle cycle or low spin. The cold water preserves the fit of the synthetic fabric and helps prevent fading. Meanwhile, remember hot water can shrink clothes, or even damage the delicate fabric. 

Drying Lululemon Leggings 

Hang or Air Dry

Air drying is the best way to dry Lululemon leggings. I also recommend you lay the leggings flat to protect the fit and shape. In this way, the leggings remain functional and intact, as you won’t be damaging the elastic threads. 

Since leggings contain moisture-wicking material, it won’t take a long time for them to dry. Besides, heat from the sun can help kill bacteria. 

Tumble Dry or Do Another Spin Cycle 

When you clean leggings using a washing machine, they may come out of the machine damp. In case the leggings go out soaking wet, you can program the machine to do another spin and dry cycle to remove water. 

If you have limited time to dry clothes, you can tumble dry leggings on low heat. However, avoid drying the Lululemon leggings in the dryer often as the machine’s heat can wear out or shrink leggings faster.

Steps to Wash Lululemon Leggings

Steps Hand wash Machine wash
Step 1 Fill basin with cold water Put similar leggings together
Step 2 Add detergent and mix Turn leggings inside out
Step 3 Place leggings in the mixture Put them in a mesh bag
Step 4 Gently wash the leggings Add detergent
Step 5 Rinse the leggings Set the washing cycle
Step 6 Press the water out Air dry on a flat surface
Step 7 Air dry on a clothesline Tumble dry the leggings

Frequently Asked Questions

After How Long Should You Wash Lululemon Leggings?

If you wear leggings for normal daily routines, you can wash them after three days’ wear time. You will need to wash the leggings after every wear if you use them for intense workouts.

Generally, how often you should wash your lululemon leggings depends on the intensity of the activities you perform with the leggings.

Should I Wash My New Lululemon Leggings Before Wearing Them?

Yes, it is important that you wash new Lululemon leggings before you wear them to reduce the chemical residuals that might be left over during the manufacturing process.

However, a single wash of the Lululemon leggings will not completely break down the chemical residuals.

Can I Get Rid of Paint Stain From Lululemon Leggings?

Yes, it is possible to get rid of the paint stains from the Lululemon leggings. Flush the stained part with warm water and then apply detergents while vigorously tamping the paint area.

Rinse the leggings and repeat the process multiple times until the stain is completely removed.

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It’s essential that you learn how to wash Lululemon leggings to prevent bacteria buildup and make the leggings last long for exercising, going to work, or lounging at home. After reading this article, you’ll be ready to wash your Lululemon leggings, making them look like new for a long time.