Where Are Thong Bikinis Allowed?

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Different countries, states, and establishments have rules about swimwear. If you plan to wear a thong swimsuit, you should check where thong bikinis are allowed. I’ve listed the places where you can wear a thong bikini and some areas where it’s best to skip your thongs.

Where Are Thong Bikinis Allowed?

Nearly every state in the United States allows wearing thong swimsuits in public pools and beaches. Thongs and string bikinis are mostly acceptable in some countries, especially Southern America and Southeast Asia. You must still check the clothing etiquette rules in places you will go.

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It’s normal to wear bikinis in public. However, thong bikinis can be controversial in some parts of the world. While I know you’re excited to flaunt your beach body and you found the best thong bikini in the market, it’s crucial that you follow the rules so you can have fun in style.

Where Can I Wear Thong Bikinis?

A state’s public indecency or indecent exposure law only bans exposure of the genitals. Since thongs can still cover most of your private parts, most states allow women and men to wear thongs. Note that there may be city or town ordinances that outlaw them.


Most public beaches and national recreational areas in America let visitors wear thong suits. However, some national parks or recreation areas may prohibit toplessness and nudity. These are some of the states where thong bikinis are allowed.

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  • Alabama: It’s legal to wear thongs in most Alabama state parks and beaches, as long as the private parts are covered.
  • California: California is among the most thong-friendly states in the U.S., as it allows this style in state parks and beaches.
  • Maine: Aside from allowing thongs, Maine also permits female toplessness in places where males may be topless.
  • North Carolina: It’s legal to wear thongs in public spaces such as beaches in North Carolina.
  • Texas: The coastal areas in Texas permit thongs for both men and women.

Foreign Countries

Designer Rudi Gernreich invented thong bikinis in the 1970s as a response to Los Angeles banning nude beaches. He designed this bikini to expose the buttocks of men and women. This design became popular in some parts of the world.

It’s the norm in most parts of South America to see men and women wear bottomless bikinis. The design of thong bikinis guarantees the least tan lines when travelers spend time on the beaches of Brazil and Colombia. It’s also typical to see thong bikinis on beaches of tropical countries in Southeast Asia.

Where Should I Not Wear a Thong Bikini?

Prohibitions about nudity and wearing thongs depend on a place’s regulations. Some states and countries may have different interpretations of nudity. Additionally, there are cultures where showing the buttocks may offend the locals.

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In some U.S. states and countries, nudity may equate to the exposure of buttocks, which means wearing thongs will get you in trouble.

  • Delaware: Delaware’s state laws consider exposing the buttocks a misdemeanor, so wearing a thong bikini is illegal.
  • Florida: State officials in Florida banned thongs on state beaches because they think this style violates obscenity laws.
  • South Carolina: It’s illegal to wear thong suits in some parts of South Carolina, such as Myrtle Beach and Horry County.
  • Tennesse: Wearing thongs in state parks and lands between the lakes is also illegal. Some recreation areas permit the use of thong suits.
  • Utah: You can’t wear a thong in Utah state parks, especially in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Beaches and pools depend on the current restrictions.

Foreign Countries

When traveling to an Islamic country, thong bikini bottoms will likely disrespect local culture and social views. Most swimming establishments permit women to wear different swimsuits on beaches or pools, although skimpy thongs are typically frowned upon.

Some parts of Italy prohibit wearing thong bikinis. For instance, Sorrento and Lipari ban travelers from walking around in a bikini because the towns deem this swimsuit contrary to public decorum and decency.

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Related Questions

Are Thong Bikinis Acceptable to Wear in Public?

It’s generally acceptable to wear thong bikinis in public, although some people or traditions may raise an eyebrow at it. As long as you feel confident in it and you respect local dress codes, you should be fine wearing a thong bikini in public.

In What Situations Where Can I Wear a Thong Bikini?

You will mostly wear a thong bikini on cruise ships, resorts, and beaches. A thong bikini isn’t the ideal underwear for high-intensity water activities, so it’s mainly for lounging and light swimming. In some cases, you may also consider using thong bikinis as part of a costume or festival outfit.


It’s widely allowed to wear thong bikinis on public beaches and pools in the United States. Most countries also allow them as long the nation’s culture or tradition permits it. Be sure to find the right thong bikini for your body to feel safe and confident wherever you wear it.