Best Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through [2024 Review]

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If you are an expectant mother, you will need non-see-through maternity leggings that give you the flexibility, comfort, and breathability you need as the baby develops and the belly stretches. So, what are the best maternity leggings that are not see-through?

Our Top Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through

With the best maternity leggings that are not see-through, you can go for exercises such as long walks without the fear of the leggings showing your skin or the fabric ripping due to the pressure of the belly. The following leggings are soft and comfortable, and you can wear them all day long.

Best Overall Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through: Ingrid & Isabel Workout Leggings

If you are looking for maternity leggings that can provide you with gentle back support, you can’t go wrong with the Ingrid & Isabel workout leggings. These leggings feature a crossover panel that goes over your bump, providing you with lower back support as your bump grows.

Unlike the Motherhood leggings, it is constructed with a moisture-wicking fabric, allowing you to remain dry even after biking or walking in hot weather.

During your pregnancy period, there are higher chances of gaining weight and stretching the skin, which might result in skin irritation and inflammation when exercising in hot weather.

Like the Enerful Women’s leggings, these leggings feature flatlock seams that help minimize chafing and rubbing, ensuring comfort when walking, running, or biking. However, the belly panel is double-layered, making the leggings bulky and unsuitable for wearing in the summer.


  • The flatlock seams in these leggings help reduce chafing, making them an ideal choice for walking exercises
  • The four-way stretchy fabric helps support your joints, enhancing the ease of movement and reducing exhaustion
  • The crossover panel provides you with lower back support as the baby bump grows, reducing the chances of back pains


  • The belly panel is double-layered and thick, making the leggings unsuitable for wearing in hot weather
  • Unlike Motherhood leggings, these leggings are not breathable, increasing the chances of odor build-up, especially if you have discharges

Best High-Waisted Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through: Blanqi Maternity Leggings

The Blanqi Leggings are high-quality high-waisted leggings that provide you with full over-belly coverage, ensuring that you remain comfortable when running errands in town without the fear of exposing your growing bump.

Unlike the Motherhood leggings, the high-rise waist makes them ideal for wearing when breastfeeding as you won’t leave your back or postpartum belly showing as you nurse your baby.

When pregnant, your belly grows, increasing weight, and your body’s center of gravity shifts forward, pulling your back. Fortunately, these leggings feature built-in anchors and an X-shaped back support, reducing lower back pressure and overall stress on your body.

Like the Enerful Women’s leggings, the leggings are constructed with quality non-see-through materials that do not expose your body when you sit or bend, allowing you to hide your body changes from pregnancy to postpartum.

However, the seams on the crotch area are weak and might pull away as you gain weight and stretch the pants.


  • The non-see-through nature of these leggings allows you to hide your postpartum stretch marks on your belly
  • The leggings have a soft, stretchy waistband, allowing you to recover from your c-section scars without any irritation


  • The seams on the crotch area are weak and might pull away when you start gaining weight
  • Although the leggings are machine washable, there are chances of them pilling if put on the dryer

Best Breathable Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through: Motherhood Maternity Leggings

Keeping in mind that exercises help your body cope with the extra body weight of your growing belly and speed up your recovery afterward, the Motherhood Maternity Leggings are constructed with breathable materials that enhance airflow, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable even when exercising in hot weather.

However, unlike the Enerful Women’s leggings, sweat may saturate the fabric without moisture-wicking capabilities, increasing the chances of developing vaginal infections.

Like the Blanqi Maternity Leggings, the leggings are designed with a soft, stretchy fabric that grows with your bump, allowing you to remain comfortable when exercising or just lounging around the house.

With a self-encased elastic criss-cross waistband, these leggings do not exert unnecessary pressure on your tummy, allowing you to work or carry out your errands without any restrictions.

Considering that swelling at the ankles or legs is common in pregnant women, these full-length compression leggings help relieve leg exhaustion, providing support and reducing puffiness to your legs. However, since they are low-waisted leggings, they might expose your postpartum tummy when nursing the baby.


  • These compression leggings help to exert some pressure on your blood vessels, reducing leg fatigue and exhaustion
  • The leggings are constructed with breathable material, reducing the chances of odor build-up resulting from discharges


  • Without moisture-wicking properties, these leggings might make you feel uncomfortable during intense exercises
  • The low waist waistband may expose your postpartum belly when nursing your little one

Best Durable Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through: Poshdivar Women’s Maternity Leggings

The Poshdivar Women’s maternity leggings feature a U-shaped high-waist design that covers your belly during pregnancy and when nursing. The wide waistband supports your belly without cutting into your skin, providing you with the comfort you need when exercising or stretching.

It is constructed with a soft, elastic fabric that accommodates your new shape and a growing belly, relieving you of common pregnancy problems such as pelvic, joint, and lower back pain.

Like the Motherhood leggings, it is designed from non-see-through materials, making them suitable for wearing when doing yoga exercises, cycling, or when meeting with friends in small gatherings.

Considering that the pressure of your growing womb can also affect the blood flow in your legs, these are full-length leggings that compress the legs and minimizes the discomforts that are associated with swelling and varicose veins.

However, unlike the Enerful Women’s leggings, without pockets, these leggings may inconvenience you when you want to carry essentials such as sweat towels or a phone when going for workout sessions.


  • The U-shaped waist design in these leggings ensures the leggings stay up, providing you with full coverage when nursing your kid
  • The leggings are machine washable, relieving the hassles of bending during your third trimester


  • Without pockets, you might not be able to carry your essentials, such as a phone that can help you to make calls if labor starts earlier than you expect
  • Although they are non-see-through, the higher spandex percentage makes the leggings excessively stretchy, exposing your curves

Best Moisture-Wicking Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through: Enerful Women’s Maternity Leggings

The Enerful Women’s maternity leggings are designed with unique lines that help maintain your body shape, allowing you to show off your silhouette even when expectant.

Unlike the others on my list, they come equipped with side pockets that allow you to comfortably fit your keys or phone, keeping your hands free when performing low-impact aerobics such as biking or jogging. These leggings are squat-proof, allowing you to squat, bend or lunge without the fear of ripping off.

Like the Ingrid & Isabel workout leggings, they feature flatlock seams, reducing the chances of thigh chafing while walking. With a high, elastic over bump panel, these leggings grow with your bump, providing support to your belly and back.

Like the Blanqi Leggings, these leggings are constructed with a buttery soft stretch fabric that does not cause skin irritation, making them ideal for postnatal recovery, especially if you have C-section scars.

However, although they are high-waisted, they keep sliding down, and you might need to adjust them when doing exercises.


  • The leggings come with side pockets, relieving you of the worries of having to leave your essentials behind, such as your phone, when going for workouts
  • The leggings are squat-proof, allowing you to perform low-impact exercises without the fear of ripping off


  • The waistband can become lose over time and start falling down, making them unsuitable for exercise
  • The seam across the backside of the leggings may pull your undergarment down, making you feel uncomfortable

Best Elastic Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through: Terramed Maternity Leggings

The body tends to produce more blood than usual when pregnant. As the baby grows, the uterus presses on the blood vessels, which slightly blocks the blood from the legs to the heart.

The increased blood volume and partial blockage of the blood vessels might make your legs and ankles swell. Fortunately, like the Motherhood leggings, the compression in Terramed Maternity leggings helps to contain and support your leg muscles, reducing swelling.

It is constructed with a buttery soft seam-free fabric, ensuring that you remain comfortable during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Keeping in mind that the growing baby might make you gain weight, you might experience back pains because of the imbalance between the belly and the back.

Like the Poshdivar Womens leggings, these high-waisted leggings feature a built-in belly support panel that expands with the growing belly, re-balancing your body weight and reducing lower back pressure.

The compression band also ensures the leggings remain up, relieving you of the hassles of constantly adjusting them when walking. However, considering that the leggings are made of nylon, they might trap heat and moisture, making you feel uncomfortable during intense workouts.


  • The stretchy nature of these leggings makes them adapt to the changing shape of your body during and after pregnancy
  • The X-shaped back support on these leggings helps reduce lower back pressure even when you gain weight


  • The fabric lacks moisture-wicking properties, making the leggings unsuitable for wearing when jogging
  • The leggings are tight-fitting on the legs, which might limit blood circulation on the feet and ankles, resulting in swelling

Features to Consider in the Best Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through

Keeping in mind that being expectant means additional weight and a larger belly, you can’t wear your regular leggings. Instead, you will need leggings specifically designed for expectant mothers, with the following comfort and breathability features.

Since most expectant mothers are extra choosy, you can also look at the following table and decide which leggings meet your requirements.

Comparing Maternity Leggings That Are Not See Through

Leggings Waist Style Pockets Length
Ingrid &amp, Isabel High rise No Capri
Blanqi High rise No Ankle length
Motherhood Low rise No Ankle length
Poshdivah High rise No Ankle length
Enerful High rise Yes Ankle length
Terramed High rise No Ankle length


Generally, there will be significant changes in your body size, weight, and shape when you are expectant. You might not even be able to predict how large your tummy will be or how much weight you will have added by the following month.

As a result, there are high chances of getting the right size of leggings, only to realize you are overstretching them after one or two months. Although durability is about how long the leggings can serve you without chafing, in expectant mothers, it’s about how much you can stretch the fabric without ripping.

In most cases, the durability of the leggings depends on the fabric. For instance, leggings made of nylon, such as the Blanqi Maternity leggings, can withstand weight and size addition without ripping. This makes nylon leggings reliable, especially if you are engaging in exercises that involve bending or squatting.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

Pregnancy can cause different changes in your body, one of them being hormonal changes. Since most of the hormonal changes are meant to promote the growth and development of the baby by improving blood flow, there are chances of an increase in metabolism rate as the body provides food and energy to the baby.

As a result, the body temperature tends to increase, especially during the first and second trimesters. This can make you feel abnormally hot and sweaty. The best way to control this is to get leggings made from a fabric that has good moisture-wicking properties, such as the Enerful Women’s leggings.

This moisture-wicking fabric will allow the sweat and moisture to move from your body to the outside for evaporation. As a result, your body will lose the excess heat as the moisture evaporates.


Although breathability and moisture-wicking are related, they are different properties of a fabric. Breathability generally refers to the fabric’s properties that allow air to pass and escape through the material, while moisture-wicking is the properties of a fabric that repels water, making it move to the outside of the fabric.

That means cotton is more breathable than polyester and nylon as it allows air to circulate. Keeping in mind that there are chances of discharges due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, you should consider getting breathable cotton leggings that will promote good air circulation, such as the Motherhood Maternity Under Belly leggings. 

The breathability of this cotton fabric will reduce the chances of odor buildup, and you can wear the leggings all day. However, if you are wearing leggings during hot weather, it’s advisable to go for polyester leggings such as the Enerful Women’s leggings.


Comfort generally refers to your feeling when the fabric is in contact with your skin. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to changes in your skin. Also, as the baby develops and your belly becomes larger, there are also chances of your skin stretching abnormally.

In most cases, these changes make the skin lose moisture and elasticity, making it itchy, flaky, dry, and sensitive. As a result, you might start feeling as if the fabric of your regular leggings is coarse and uncomfortable. Sometimes even fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as nylon might start to cause allergies and discomfort.

It’s therefore advisable to go for leggings made of cotton like the Motherhood Maternity Under Belly leggings. The cotton fabric in these leggings is organic and can’t cause allergies to sensitive skin like synthetic fibers. Cotton is also soft and comfortable, allowing you to wear leggings all day without irritation.

A pregnant woman wearing a black sports bra and black leggings doing aerial balance yoga in the gym

Compression Zones

Your body tends to hold more water than normal when you are pregnant. In most cases, this water will gather in the lower parts of your legs, especially during hot weather. Also, the pressure resulting from the weight of the developing baby can affect the blood flow to the lower parts of your legs.

The additional weight might make your leg muscles exhausted and fatigued, especially if you stand for long. As a result, your legs, ankles, and feet might start swelling. The best way to control this is to wear leggings that offer some compression, such as the Enerful Women’s Maternity leggings.

Typically, the compression helps to exert some pressure on your blood vessels, facilitating blood flow. The compression also helps to contain and support your leg muscles, reducing exhaustion, fatigue, and soreness.

High-Rise or Low-Waist

Generally, all leggings come with a waistband that helps to hold them in place. However, waistbands are not the same, with some being wider than others. The wider waistbands are usually in the high-rise leggings designs, while the narrower versions are in the low-waisted leggings designs.

The waistband of the low-waist leggings rests on your hip bones under your belly. Since these leggings don’t cover your tummy, they are the best leggings to wear when the belly is significantly stretched and you are feeling uncomfortable with the form-fitting leggings covering it.

Low-waisted leggings such as the Motherhood Maternity leggings might also be the right choice during the third trimester when the baby is actively playing. This design allows the baby to kick and make visible movements without the leggings exerting counter-pressure on the belly.

Built-in Support Panel

Although low-waist leggings might suit some women, all pregnancies are not the same. The heavy weight of the developing baby might overstretch your belly and make it hurt, especially if you had gotten a child through cesarean delivery or you are engaging in exercises such as walking.

The weight of the baby can also cause back pains due to the imbalance between the front and the back. In such cases, you might consider going for high-rise leggings that come with a built-in support panel, such as the Terramed Maternity leggings.

This panel is designed to offer the belly a gentle compression to help support it without exerting excessive pressure on the developing baby. Since the panel offers support by going around the back, it re-balances the weight, helping to relieve even the back pains.


The hormonal changes during pregnancy sometimes come with several health issues, such as nausea. It’s common even to have more frequent than normal urges to pee. There are also high chances of labor pains coming unexpectedly as you near the end of the third trimester.

As a result, it’s advisable to carry some essentials such as your phone, sweat towel, or some medications with you. However, the memory loss that sometimes comes with hormonal changes can make you forget these essentials if you carry them in a handbag.

It’s therefore advisable to wear leggings with pockets, such as the Enerful Women’s leggings, so you can constantly carry the essentials when going for exercises, clinics, or walks.

A pregnant woman wearing a gray tank top and gray leggings is seated on a yoga mat doing meditation in her apartment

Machine Wash

It can be challenging to handwash your leggings when you are heavily pregnant. It’s therefore advisable to go for leggings that can be safely machine washed, such as the Poshdivah Women’s leggings.

Usually, you can check these on the washing instructions tag that comes with the leggings. Remember to wash the leggings using the recommended temperature and settings to avoid destroying the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Amount of Spandex in Maternity Leggings Matter?

Yes, the amount of spandex in maternity leggings matter. Since the spandex is what makes the leggings’ fabric stretchable, a higher percentage means the leggings are more stretchable and offer better compression.

Can Leggings Restrict Blood Flow During Pregnancy?

Yes, leggings can restrict blood flow during pregnancy if the fabric is too tight or the waistband digs dip into your body.

It’s advisable to go for the right size of leggings that allows you to move and squat with ease. Usually, the first signs of too-tight leggings are discomfort and rashes.

Can Pregnant Women Wear Leather Leggings?

Yes, there are specific leather leggings that are designed for pregnant women. The maternity leather leggings are designed with a high-waisted band that is made of soft, breathable fabric, different from leather fabric.

The waistband is seamed and joins the leather fabric at the area around the waist, providing soft and comfortable support to your belly.

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Final Thoughts

The best maternity leggings that are not see-through allow you to bend, squat, and do exercises without restricting you. They offer gentle compressions on your belly, supporting it without exerting excessive pressure. The above leggings are high-quality, and you can wear them during pregnancy without ripping.