Best Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down [2024 Review]

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Running is one of the best exercises that can help you keep fit and maintain a good weight. However, if you don’t choose the best running leggings that don’t fall down, there are chances of the leggings falling down when you start losing weight or even rip when running.

Our Top Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

The best running leggings that don’t fall down are made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that allow the sweat to evaporate and cool you down. The following leggings are comfortable and non-see-through and won’t reveal your skin even when wearing them like pants.

Best Overall Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down: Fengbay 2-Pack Leggings

The Fengbay 2-Pack leggings are high-quality leggings made of 4-way stretch fabric, offering you the flexibility and elasticity you need when running. Although the fabric is lightweight and might reveal your butt, curves, and pantie lines, it’s opaque and won’t show your skin when wearing them as pants while training.

Like the Ododos high-waisted leggings, the fabric is also soft and breathable, reducing the irritation of sweat when running. However, the soft fabric tends to stick to your skin, especially when sweating, and might affect your strides and overall performance.

Keeping in mind that the waistband can exact pressure on your waist and can cause discomfort, especially when sweating, these leggings come with a wide waistband that helps distribute the pressure and enhance comfortability.

Like the Voeons workout leggings, the wide waistband also enhances grip, minimizing the chances of the leggings falling even after losing weight.


  • The breathable and soft fabric helps to reduce irritations of sweat when running
  • The 4-way stretchy material provides support to your muscles, reducing exhaustion and fatigue 


  • The leggings may stick to your skin when sweaty, affecting your leg movements and the performance
  • The leggings tend to be larger around the hips and might not be suitable for the diamond-shaped women

Best Moisture-Wicking Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down: Fullsoft 3-Pack Leggings

If you are looking for non-see-through leggings to wear like pants for your athletic workouts, you can’t go wrong with the Fullsoft 3-pack leggings.

Like the Ododos high-waisted leggings, these leggings are designed with thick polyester and spandex material, relieving you of the frustrations of running in front of spectators with visible panty lines and body curves.

Keeping in mind that running while pulling up your leggings may interfere with your pace and running techniques, these leggings feature an elastic waistband that helps keep your leggings from falling when running.

Since the heart rate and body temperature might increase and cause sweating when running, these leggings are designed with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable even when running in hot weather.

However, unlike Fengbay 2-Pack leggings, without pockets, you will be forced to carry your essentials, such as handkerchiefs, by hand.


  • The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric allows you to remain cool and comfortable even when running in hot weather
  • The elastic waistband relieves you of the hassle of pulling up the leggings while running


  • Without pockets, you might need to carry essentials such as your phone and sweat towels with your hand when jogging
  • Unlike the Voeons workout leggings, these leggings are generally loose and might restrict your movements

Best Elastic Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down: Voeons Workout Leggings

The Voeons workout leggings are premium leggings that feature a gusseted crotch, providing you with the ease of movement you require when running.

Unlike the Fullsoft 3-pack leggings, the leggings come with hidden waistband pockets that provide sufficient storage to keep essentials like keys and handkerchiefs, freeing your hands and enhancing your overall performance.

Considering there are higher chances of sweating while running, these leggings are designed with moisture-wicking fabrics that pass sweat to the outside, allowing you to maintain body temperature.

Also, like the Fengbay 2-Pack leggings, these leggings are constructed with a 4-way stretch fabric that makes them elastic, increasing your comfort even if your weight changes.

The interlock seams in these leggings help minimize chafing and rubbing, reducing the chances of ripping. However, the high amount of spandex in the fabric makes them excessively elastic and might reveal your curves.


  • The interlock seams reduce the chances of chafing, making these leggings a great choice for running a marathon
  • The gusseted crotch provides you with extra room in the crotch area, allowing you to move with ease


  • The leggings feature high spandex percentage that makes them excessively stretchy, exposing your curves
  • The leggings don’t offer sufficient compression around the tummy area, and the tummy may shake as you run

Best Durable Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down: Ododos High Waisted Leggings

If you are looking for leggings that cannot expose your tummy and navel while running, the Ododos high-waisted leggings might be the right choice.

Like the Fullsoft 3-pack leggings, these leggings feature a wide high, rise waistband, allowing you to run comfortably without the fear of exposing your body or the leggings falling down.

Keeping in mind that there might be friction due to the repetitive movements combined with sweat, these leggings feature a flatlock seams design, reducing the chances of chafing.

Like the Voeons workout leggings, these leggings come with two big side pockets, allowing you to keep your essentials such as a phone if you want to record your distance run or total time spent on the track and you don’t have a stopwatch.

However, the color tends to appear lighter when stretched, making the leggings look transparent around the joint areas, such as the knees.


  • The flatlock seams in these leggings help minimize rubbing and chafing, making them ideal for people with thick thighs
  • The two sides pockets provide you with storage for your essentials, such as your phone and sweat towel


  • The leggings appear lighter when stretched, making them look transparent and revealing around your joints.
  • Unlike the Fengbay 2-Pack, the waistband is not wide enough, making it exert pressure that can cause discomfort.

Features to Consider in the Best Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

Keeping in mind that running is one of the intense workouts that can increase the body temperature, consider the following features to ensure you get leggings style and fabric that will enhance breathability and flexibility. The following table highlights key leggings’ features that can affect your overall performance. 

Comparing Features for Best Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

LeggingsPocketClosure typeInseam (inches)
Fengbay 2-Pack YesElastic29.7
Fullsoft 3-Pack NoButton26
Voeons YesNo closure30.5
Ododos YesElastic28


Stretchability is the ability of the leggings to slightly increase or decrease in size to fit you tightly. Usually, the stretchability of the leggings depends on the fabric, particularly the amount of spandex in the blend. Keeping in mind that running involves rigorous movements, wearing loose attires can hinder your movements and affect your performance.

On the other hand, stretchable leggings hold tightly to your joints, making the joint movements flexible and free. That means you will need leggings with a higher percentage of spandex, such as the Voeons workout leggings.

A blue sports bra, leggings, and black rubber shoes are worn by a person in the park


Opaqueness refers to the ability of the fabric to block light such that people can’t see your undergarments or skin. Although leggings are not specifically designed for wearing outside without a long top or dress, you may have to wear them like pants when running.

That means you will have no clothing to cover your curves and butt area when running. As a result, you should consider going for opaque leggings such as the Fullsoft 3-pack leggings that won’t show your skin. You should, however, note that the leggings might still show your curves and pantie lines.

Typically, this results from their elastic nature, as they tend to form-fit every curve and undergarment line. It’s therefore advisable to wear seamless undergarments even with non-see-through leggings.


A waistband is a strip of confining fabric made of elastic materials that help to hold bottom wear around your waist. Although different bottom wears come with varying means of holding them in place, leggings tend to use waistbands.

A woman stretching wearing a sports bra and leggings with a floral design

However, the size of waistbands varies across leggings, with some being wider than others. In most cases, the narrower waistbands are used in low-waist leggings, holding the leggings on the hip bones. The smaller surface area of these waistbands makes them exert pressure and make you uncomfortable.

On the other hand, wider waistbands distribute the pressure on a larger surface, making you comfortable. It’s therefore advisable to go for high-waist leggings with a wider waistband, such as the Fengbay 2-Pack leggings. The wide waistband is more effective in holding the leggings in place when running.


Running is one of the intense exercises that can rapidly increase your metabolism rate, raise your body temperature, and make you sweat. Technically, the body loses heat and cools down when sweat evaporates from the body. That means leggings that retain sweat will limit heat loss and ultimately affect your performance.

It’s therefore advisable to go for leggings with breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics such as the Ododos high-waisted leggings. This fabric allows sweat to move from your skin to the outside of the fabric for evaporation, cooling you down.

A woman wearing a gray sports bra and black leggings standing near a white wall


You might overlook the importance of pockets in leggings as you might be wearing them with a dress, long shirt, or other outfits that have pockets. You might even feel uncomfortable raising your long top or dress to put or remove something from your leggings’ pocket.

However, since you will be wearing leggings as pants when running, it’s advisable to go for recommended leggings with pockets, such as the Fengbay 2-Pack leggings. The pockets will help you carry some essentials, such as your phone, keys, and handkerchiefs, as you run.

A woman wearing a black blouse and gray leggings seated on the rock


Since you might be wearing the leggings for a prolonged time, you should consider their overall comfort. The leggings should be fitting without exerting excessive pressure on your body, as this can restrict your movements.

Additionally, the material should not stick to your body as it can restrict your strides and cause exhaustion. It’s therefore advisable to choose leggings such as the Fullsoft 3-pack leggings, as they are made of soft material that doesn’t stick to the body and restrict your movements even when wet.

Compression Zones

Since running is a rigorous exercise, there are chances of the muscles straining and developing microscopic tears. Compression zones help to contain and support the muscles and tissues. This helps to facilitate blood circulation as well as hold the tissues together, minimizing tears.

The improved blood flow enhances the circulation of glucose and oxygen in your body, improving your overall athletic performance. Holding the muscles together after running also helps to facilitate the healing of the tears, promoting the recovery of the muscles.

Since sweat getting into these tears tends to cause irritations, compression zones can also help to relieve the discomfort and soreness. It’s therefore advisable to go for leggings that feature compression zones, such as the Fullsoft 3-Pack.

A woman wearing a black sports bra and pink leggings is seated on a sofa

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Running Leggings Fall if I Lose Weight?

Yes, your leggings can start to fall down as you tone your waist area from running. I started running regularly, lost significant weight, and noticed my once-snug leggings slipping down during my jogs. The material, originally clinging to my curves, had loosened due to my smaller size.

The solution? A smaller pair or adjustable drawstring versions for a custom fit. Weight loss changes your clothing size!

Can Leggings Rip When Running?

Yes, I’ve had my legs rip while running! I was midway through my routine run when I felt a sudden draft – my old, overused leggings had torn. Their worn-out fabric couldn’t withstand the constant friction anymore.

Pro tip: Always check your gear’s condition before heading out to avoid embarrassing moments.

Why Do My Leggings Roll Down My Belly?

Ugh, jeans rolling down your belly! My leggings often roll down when they’re too tight or don’t fit right. If the waistband is too snug, it tries to find a narrower spot, typically below the belly.

High-waisted versions with a wide, supportive band are my savior – no more mid-workout adjustments!


Final Thoughts 

The best running leggings that don’t fall down feature wide waistbands, distributing the pressure on a wider area to enhance grip while remaining comfortable. The above leggings are stretchable and flexible and will not appear loose even when you start losing weight.