What Are Ponte Leggings?

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During your quest to find the best everyday leggings, you may encounter something called Ponte. This can make you wonder, “What are Ponte leggings?”. In this article, you’ll get dibs on the essential information, benefits, and tips on how to wear Ponte leggings like a pro.

What Are Ponte Leggings?

Ponte leggings are leggings, trousers, and skinny jeans rolled into one comfortable and versatile clothing. The fit feels like leggings because of the two-way stretch, yet this style has the appearance of skinny jeans due to a thicker fabric. 

Ponte (pronounced as pon-tee) pertains to the double knit and interlocking stitches that connect the front and back surfaces, much like the Roman bridge, which is where the fabric got its name.  

Ponte Leggings VS Regular Leggings 

Ponte leggings are firmer than leggings due to the double knit construction. Meanwhile, they have a tighter fit and more structure in the legs than typical trousers due to the interlocking stitches.

Ponte knits consist of polyester and nylon for durability and dry-quicking. This style of leggings also includes spandex to allow flexibility and retain form. Lastly, Ponte leggings use rayon to make them absorbent yet breathable.

While regular or workout leggings also use the mentioned materials, Ponte leggings combine weft knitting, interlocking units, and double jersey. 

  • Weft Knitting: Ponte leggings with knitted loops along the fabric’s width. This uses finer yarns that give the leggings supple, soft, comfortable, and elastic characteristics. 
  • Interlocking Knits: Knit stitches on the fabric’s front and back. This knit uses the same thread to attach two pieces of jersey knit back to back, resulting in a tighter yet smoother finish. 
  • Double Jersey: Uses two needles and two sets of yarn that produce a thicker fabric. By creating identical stitches in the front and back, the double knit creates thicker yet stretchier leggings.

Reasons To Wear Ponte Leggings 

It’s time to go deeper and see how the power of Ponte leggings can benefit your daily outfits. 

Comfort and Convenience 

Most Ponte leggings are pull-on, so you can say goodbye to buttons, zippers, and belts. As a result, Ponte leggings are perfect for long travel hours or working around the house. 

Since Ponte leggings have thicker fabric than typical leggings, you can pair them with a tunic or dress during colder days. Even on hot days, there are Ponte leggings that include cotton to allow your skin to breathe. 


Some ladies still have trouble wearing ordinary leggings because they think moving will make the leggings see-through. With Ponte leggings, the tightly-woven fabric lets you sit or bend without worrying about showing your skin. 

Ponte leggings can guarantee opaqueness due to the three kinds of knitting that hold the threads together. Likewise, the fabric helps maintain the shape, which then prevents the leggings from losing color. 

Fit and Pull 

One of the best things about Ponte leggings is that they fit any body shape. This legging style has a more forgiving fit, enabling you to wear “clingy” clothing with ease. Additionally, Ponte leggings can hold shape very well, so they won’t bag at the knees or pressure points. 

Ponte leggings aim to streamline the body and make you appear taller. Thus, it would be better to follow your actual size and measurements. The double-knit fabric results in a two-way stretch, allowing the leggings to mold the body shape and create a sleeker silhouette.

What’s more, most Ponte leggings come with a soft elastic waistband that won’t roll down or pinch the stomach.

Styling Ponte Leggings

Ponte leggings are versatile, making them easy to style in casual and dressy outfits. Here are a few Ponte leggings outfit ideas to get you started


Remember that Ponte leggings have a tight-fit structure, so it would be best to pair them with soft and floaty tops. Wear Ponte leggings with loose-fitting shirts, short length jackets, and boots that complement the color of the jacket. 

You can also pair Ponte leggings with graphic tees, jean jackets, and sneakers. If it’s a bit windy outside, balance the look with a kaftan top and cardigan. 

Night Out 

Sizzle up Ponte leggings using a soft, sheer blouse and killer pumps. For Friday nights after work, switch to a classic black turtleneck and tall boots. If you’re going to a more formal event, opt for a silk button-down, layer it with a camel crewneck, then wear loafers or oxfords. 


You can wear Ponte leggings to work and still look professional. Give your slacks a break, and let the Ponte leggings complement your Babydoll blouse plus closed-toe pumps or slides. You can also put on a chunky sweater or tunic dress for laidback workdays. 

To combine a professional and casual look, wear a white blouse with a cream-colored blazer. Finish the outfit with heels and handbag for a feminine yet mature vibe. 

Comparing Ponte Leggings and Regular Leggings

Features Ponte Regular
Fabric Thick Thin
When to wear Office, casual Workouts, casual
Number of knits Three One
Bagging at pressure points No Yes
Opaqueness Non-see-through See-through

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Ponte Leggings for Formal Occasions?

Ponte leggings are made with a harder fabric compared to regular leggings making them more opaque and fit for formal occasions.

For instance, you can pair the Ponte leggings with a formal blouse or shirt when going to your workplace if pants are allowed.

Are Ponte Leggings Slimming?

Yes, wearing Ponte leggings will make you look slimmer. Generally, the Ponte leggings are made of nylon and polyester combined with spandex and rayon, which makes them offer more compression compared to regular leggings.

Usually, this compression makes you look slimmer.

Can You Wear Ponte Leggings After Spray Tan?

Yes, you can wear Ponte leggings after the spray tan. However, it is advisable to wait for about 24 hours for the spray tan to develop fully.

Normally, wearing tight clothes such as Ponte leggings immediately after spraying increases the chances of the fabric rubbing off the spray tan formula from the skin.


Are you internally debating whether you should wear ordinary leggings, trousers, or skinny jeans? With Ponte leggings, you can have all of them for the price of one! This genius blend of knitted fabric could be the next staple investment piece in your wardrobe.