Best Bikini for Small Chests and Boobs [2024 Review]

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When it comes to bikini season, women with small chests have an advantage. They have countless options when it comes to styles and designs to select from, and they can easily wear ones that are slightly more revealing without having it look too seductive.

Best Bikinis for Small Bust Reviews

Bikinis are probably one of the excusable items you can hoard in your closet. Their styles are universal, so they​ almost never run out of fashion. And, when you aren’t well endowed upstairs, you have even more options when it comes to two pieces.

Puberty might have skipped past your boobs, but you don’t have to miss out on these bikinis for A-B sized busts.These options work with what you have, giving you the most while allowing you to enjoy everything bikinis have to offer.

If you want my final vote (without all the reading), the Trina Turk Triangle Halter Hipster Top and Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Audrey bottom is my pick for the best overall bikini for a small chest.

CUPSHE Crochet Padded Swimsuit

Small breasts don’t require much coverage, which is one of the advantages when shopping for bikinis. The CUPSHE Women’s Crochet Back Hook Padded Two Piece Swimsuit is a type of bikini that women with small breasts would get the most wear out of. The crocheted material provides little coverage and has little to no support, which wouldn’t pose a problem for tiny breasts.

The two-piece matching bikini is made entirely of crochet thread. This poses many advantages; one of which is it looks handmade in a really good way. It only means this bikini has the charm of something made with the labor of love and pure intention.

Even so, you know it’s made carefully and with the highest quality of material because even with the gaps between the threads, which is only natural for anything knitted, there’s little risk of exposing yourself.

Additionally, the crocheted material exudes playful energy, not to mention it’s also colorful. It really enforces the fun vibe of the beach setting.

The straps on the bikini top are long, crossing in the middle lace-up style, making it adjustable and can be tied in different ways. It can become a halter top, strapless bikini, or a bandeau.

Both the bikini top and bottom have full coverage. It conceals a lot of your chest, hips, and butt. However, its sensual appeal lies entirely on the languid material. It complements small breasts and a small frame so well.

Crochet materials are very rare in bikinis. Small-breasted women and petite girls in general are probably the only ones this kind of bikini can promise coverage and support to.

Additionally, its a modest yet risqué look. It’s cheeky without being too over the top.

Cupshe is an extremely popular brand, and this option is no exception.

Among the many advantages of this bikini, its most coveted and obvious selling point is the comfort. This pair is exactly what bikinis are supposed to feel like: delicate yet supportive, covers all without concealing everything, and most importantly, convenient for whatever relaxation you do at the beach!

Gary Majdell Sport Liquid String 2 Piece

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that is a lot more revealing, the Gary Majdell Sport Ladies’ New Liquid String Bikini 2 Piece Swimsuit is the perfect combo of sexy and fun. There’s no doubt about the sensuality in its metallic colors. That combined with the skimpy strings remind me of what celebrities with the perfect hourglass shape would wear at the beach while vacationing with their significant other.

In simple terms, this bikini is just a classic string triangle bikini. Ironically, that’s also what makes it as sensual as it is.

The metallic color enhances the classic triangle style of the bikini top and bottom. Good news to small-breasted women, this won’t look as suggestive as it is on them on women with larger breast sizes.

The top is a halter style with string straps and band. The triangle cups move sideways on the string band, which is not the most viable option for big breasts.

It would only move around and cause big boobs to spill out, whereas on smaller-breasted girls this would complement their size and conceal their boobs better.

The thin metallic material doesn’t have structured cups. It’s a good thing in a way because it would showcase the outline of small-breasted women’s perky nipples. As they say, nipples could also be an accessory and they are completely acceptable on the beach of all places.

The thong bikini from Gary Majdell is the matching bottom. It has the same variety of colors to mix and match with the top.

Unlike other thong bikinis like the one you’ve seen in my second best pair, this one has little silver hoops connecting the front and back of the bottom and the string band. It’s little details like this that adds character to a classic bikini like this.

If there’s one reason to get this, it’s that metallic colors look good with a fresh tan. It reflects the sunlight really well, which would match with a shiny new color on your skin. This bikini proves to be a flattering two-piece before, during, and after your beach session.

Coastal Blue Longline Triangle Top and SHEKINI Low Rise Thong

​If you’re looking for a great bikini option for smaller boobs, this paring is a fantastic choice. The Coastal Blue Swimwear’s Lattice Longline Bikini Top and SHEKINI Women’s Swimsuit Bottoms Low Rise Thong ​pair perfectly together, with one being ultra sexy and the other balancing it out.

First off, I love a versatile bikini top that can be worn outside of a beach or pool setting. Coastal Blue’s bikini top perfectly achieves this. It resembles a bralette that you’d wear over jeans in the summer.

The longline style also makes the bottom edge of the bikini reach past your bust line. It extends towards the stomach and partially conceals your midsection like a crop top does. For these reasons, this bikini top might already be well within your comfort zone.

The cups have the same triangular shape as the previous bikini top, which would look cute over your small breasts. Add to that the dainty spaghetti straps.

The thinness of the straps complement the smallness of your breasts well, and it’s a perfect match because your breast size is probably the only size these thin straps can accommodate.

On the other hand, The SHEKINI Thong’s bikini bottom contrasts the abundant coverage of the bikini top. The thong style at the back challenges how much skin you can show and it’s not one to hold back in any way.

With a string band and a small triangle fabric for the panty, it leaves little to the imagination. However, it’s only good since it balances out the longline style of the Coastal Blue top. This pairing is good for women who are small up top but are bulkier at the hips and butt. The skimpy bottom highlights the curves in those parts, while the longline top adds volume to the chest.

Together, they strike a balance, so you don’t have to go all-out with an extremely sexy bikini all at once.

Opposite to the first pair, this one has a minimal bikini top and playful bottom. Coastal Blue’s longline bikini top only comes in black. Its only decoration are the small scalloped lace edges and embroidered rose on the left cup.

The thong bikini, on the other hand, comes in both neon and muted colors, and tropical-inspired prints as well. Get one of the top and stock up on different variations of the bottom, then have fun mixing it up. You won’t easily run out of beach outfits with these options!

​Trina Turk Triangle Halter and ​Body Glove Smoothies Audrey Bottom

Our top bikini focused on small chests, the Trina Turk Triangle Halter Hipster Top and Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Audrey bottom, are pairable separates that distract from the smallness of your breasts.

Both have the classic triangle shape that can be mixed together or matched with other bikinis. The Trina Turk top is available in plenty of colors and colorful prints, while the Sheridyn Waterfall bikini bottom comes in a variety of loud solid colors. You’ll likely find it fun to match, contrast, or coordinate the two together.

The Trina Turk Triangle Halter top is customizable with the ties on the halter and back straps. They’re thicker to add more volume to the top part of your two-piece bikini, which is useful for girls who lack in the boob area. Hey, every little bit helps!

Some triangle bikini tops don’t have the option of minimizing the size of the triangle cups, resulting in it making small breasts look even smaller. You won’t encounter the same dilemma with this top. Two gold slider hardware pieces on both straps adjust the size of the cups, depending on ​the particular size of your boobs. With soft adjustable cups, it’s able to add volume to your chest too.

As for the bottom, you won’t find any fault with Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Audrey. ​Even with its simple colors and triangle composition, it’s designed with bountiful shirring. The only smooth and solid fabric is on the panty itself, while the thick sides of the band are shirred and the partial coverage of the back fabric is scrunched in the middle.

This is generally a good thing. It’s not uncommon to be a little flat in the booty as a small chested woman.​ While more commonly seen in brazilian bikinis, the scrunched back of this bikini bottom​provides the illusion of a bigger butt. The scrunched material makes your butt crack more prominent (without showing it, don’t worry), therefore making it look like your butt is big enough to scrunch up your bikini bottom.

For the best overall two-piece option, this one fits the ​bill extraordinarily well. ​Its extra small size and tie straps are going to fit it nicely on women of any smaller breast size, along with those who commonly wear push up bras for small cups.

VIMPUNEC Ruffle One Shoulder Swimsuits for Women Cute High Waisted Two Piece Bathing Suits

Even fashionable may not be strong enough of a word to describe the VIMPUNEC Ruffle One Shoulder Swimsuits. That’s why I’ve named it my best extravagant pick. That label fits this piece exactly as it is.

Contrary to what people expect, not everything will look good with small breasts or a flat chest. Yes, it’s true even for some skimpy bikinis that seem only able to hold small boobs.

Having small breasts are not always the best, especially when your breasts are so little that you look like a 10-year-old boy. Bikinis like this exist to combat those kinds of problems only small-breasted women can relate to.

Under the big single ruffle on this one-shoulder swimsuit could be the smallest breasts you wouldn’t ever believe and you wouldn’t even know it. The big ruffle design takes all the attention with its navy-style stripes mix. It hides away your small breasts and lets everyone forget about your flat-chestedness. (Among these ruffles, there are also a couple other bikini ​top styles you could look into that could emphasize your chest.)

It doesn’t stop at that. The one-shoulder is a unique style for a bikini. After the extra big ruffled fabric in front, the attention falls on this detail next.

The one-shoulder on a bikini has the same fancy effect it has on long evening gowns. It’s fanciful and it exudes a high-fashion vibe, which is rare to find in swimwear.

In addition to the distraction the ruffle gives, the rest of the bodysuit-like bikini hugs your figure in all the right places. Those with an apple shape will be smart to wear this because the extra fabric also hides away your bulky and bulgy midsection.

This will erase all those woes about bikinis not looking good, especially when your small boobs can’t make up for the layers of excess skin on your stomach.

The sleek appearance of this bikini is love at first sight. It reminds me of a madame whose rightful reputation precedes herself. Pair this with a straw hat for a complete dramatic look. The whole ensemble will probably turn heads at the beach.

Bikini Features to Consider for Women with Small Boobs

​Often the first topic of discussion for bikinis for small boobs is padding, padding, padding. However, by and large, it is a lot easier to accentuate what you’ve got, rather than trying to create something you don’t.

That’s not to say you don’t want to focus on getting a little help upstais where you can. But, the style these days is less of an emphasis on forcing curves through pads, and instead on embracing your own figure. These considerations in bikinis for women with small busts are geared towards enhancing what you already have.

Comparing Bikinis for Small Chests and Boobs Features

Bikinis Closure Type Halter Straps Machine Washable?
Cupshe Crochet Hook No No
Gary Majdell Tie Yes No
Coastal Blue Pull on No No
Trina Turk Pull on Yes No
Vimpunec Ruffle Pull on No Yes

One of the perks of having small boobs is being completely self-sufficient when it comes to breast support. You can probably survive with no bra at all unlike those who need the garment’s extra lift. String bikinis are like a match made in heaven for women with ​a small chest because it’s their size that this kind of bikini accommodates best.

As you’ve seen from my best selections, string bikini tops are abundant in the bikini’s I’ve picked. The tiny material works best on small breasts because it doesn’t cover so much that it eats up most of your chest in fabric. Strings offer enough lift to keep your bikini on while it exposes a lot of skin to make up for the lack of volume on your chest.

Halter Style Swimsuit

Coinciding with the strings on bikini tops, having them tied up in a halter style is beneficial for a perkier look. When the straps come from the side of the cups and extend to the nape of the neck, they push the cups together as well. Your breasts follow the cups and are pushed together to create a cleavage.

This allows you to enjoy features big-breasted women flaunt all the time. You just need a little help from bikinis like this and a halter style helps big time. When you’re absolutely lacking in boobs, a halter style strap would do the trick of pushing what little boob fat you have together and creating an illusion that you’re heavily bulky on your chest area. 

Soft Fabric and Materials

If you can get away with no breast support, why would you create a hard time for yourself by wearing stiff and rigid materials? They would only bring you pain and discomfort when bikinis are supposed to make you feel like your breasts are free from any restriction the same way braletttes do. The moderate coverage of thin and soft fabrics and materials are the way to go with bikinis when you have a small bust.

There’s no reason to get bikinis with underwires or boning, even foam cups are unnecessary. Showcase your nipples through your bikini for all you care! Your breasts will even thank you for the freedom it rarely ever gets to enjoy in public.

Loud Colors and Prints

When you don’t have a naturally big bust, loud colors and prints will make up for the lack of curves on your chest. (You can also make up for this with some contour.) These colors and prints decorate your chest in a way that distracts from the flatness. It’s easier to divert attention on what’s on your suit than your breast size when it’s enticing to look at.

Muted tones and plain bikinis better suit larger breasted women as these wouldn’t be able to achieve the same distraction as loud colors and prints would. Unlike in fashion wherein colors and prints quickly fade from the mainstream, in bikinis, they are exactly what drives the trends. Since most bikinis are composed of two separate pieces, you can mix and match them in multiple ways to create different sets of looks.

Two women posing together near a pool while wearing different types of bikins

Excessive Designs

Similar to loud prints and colors, excessive designs offer a good distraction, even a more effective one. Ruffles, scrunches, scalloped edges, lace details, hardware, and extra fabric are only some of what I’ve found in my best bikinis above.

Unconventional styles are also attention-grabbing, especially since they’re unique. The one-shoulder or even off-shoulder styles are some examples of something you would normally see on a blouse than a bikini top.. Those styles are appropriate for small-breasted women, and will give your look an edge at the same time​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Bikini Make My Boobs Look Larger?

Yes, a bikini can help to make your boobs look larger. Usually, bikinis specifically designed for women with smaller boobs come with paddings that help to make your chest look fuller.

Also, brighter colors tend to make breasts appear larger compared to darker colors, and you can consider getting a brightly-colored bikini.

Can a Bikini Cause Skin Irritations?

Yes, a bikini can cause skin irritations, especially around your vagina. Keeping in mind that most bikinis are made of synthetic material that is not breathable, irritations and redness tend to happen if you wear the bikini wet for too long.

However, the irritations still depend on whether you have sensitive skin or not.

Can My Nipples Show Through the Bikini When Wet?

Yes, there are chances of the nipples showing through the bikini when the fabric is wet and sticks more to your skin.

However, if the bikini is well-padded, the paddings can help to flatten the shape of the boob and make the overall shape look rounded, hiding the nipples.

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If there’s a best perk about having small breasts, it’s how most swimsuits can be flattering if you know how to make it work with the shape of the rest of your body. Even the skimpiest bikini won’t look indecent on your modest chest. Try these bikinis and take advantage of the confidence boost without any hint of self-consciousness.