How to Find the Best High Waisted Bikinis to Make You Look Thin

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When someone first hears a high waisted bikini mentioned, it’s not uncommon to have visions of Marilyn Monroe running around in her retro style outfits. And yet, this flattering swimsuit has most certainly made a fashion comeback, firmly seating itself as a bathing suit option of choice.

One of the most compelling factors of a high waisted bikini is that, when chosen correctly, it can provide a lot of slimming features. I’ll walk you through how to determine if you’re right for this trendy summer style choice, and how to pick one out. 

Do High Waisted Bikinis Make You Look Thinner?

In short, the answer is yes. High waisted bikinis will make a lot of different body types look thinner. However, it is a little more complicated than that.

Who It’s Best For

This style of two piece typically works best for curvy women. Women who have hourglass, apple, or pear shaped bodies gravitate towards the high waisted options.  

a woman sitting wearing a high waisted bikini

You don’t need to be busty at all to pull of this style. Even if you’re looking for a great bikini option for small boobs, you might find the high waist option to be perfect.

Wider hips certainly help this bikini style. No matter how your curves play out, whether in your hips or bust, this is the right suit for these features.

How to Look Skinny in a Bikini

It goes beyond just being curvy though. The real secret to pulling off the high waist look is to focus on your torso: longer torsos look amazing in this style of bikini suit. Long torso and short legs? No problem, this one was made for you.

Don’t worry if you’re shorter, because if I break it down even further, it’s all about the relation of your torso height to your lower body. As long as your torso is proportionally higher than your lower body, you’re in business.

Looking skinny in a bikini is all about how you style yourself. Focus on your torso, and remember that it’s all about porportion.

Tummy Fat and Love Handles

The high waisted look can do a great job of hiding love handles and tummy pooch, as long as you pick the right option. These can be great choices for new moms as well.

You might want to look at options that have a tummy control panel built into the bikini bottoms. I also share a variety of general tips below for rocking this style of suit if you aren’t comfortable with your stomach and hips.

High Waisted Two Piece Swimsuit Features

Here are the features of this prominent and trendy swimsuit:

  • Sexier than a one piece: It’s true – wearing a high waisted bikini shows a little more skin than a one piece swimsuit. And, it shows some of the best skin you have to offer! That portion right below the breasts but above the tummy is a haven of beauty, especially when accentuated with a well cut suit to highlight it.
  • More discreet than a two piece: Let’s face it, some of the cuter and sexier bikinis out there are just flat out too much for many body types. But, a high waisted bikini allows you to still have fun in your dress but not be over the top. Modest and discreet, the high waisted two piece is the ultimate in discretion-but-cute beach fashion.
  • Retro yet stylish: As I mentioned above, this style of suit was big in the 1960’s. Whether Mad Men brought it back, or everyone just realized how amazing they were, this style of bathing top and bottom is the perfect combination of retro style.
  • Great for mixed company: Not every trip to the beach is with the girls or your significant other. There are times to look sexy, and there are times to… well, lets just say there are situations where it is best to dress a bit more modest. Whether its an office pool party and a weekend getaway with the inlaws, a high waisted bikini option works perfect when you’re not trying to stand out in a crowd– and there are​ a lot of inexpensive options on the market today.
a woman stretching arms wearing a high waisted bikini

How to Look Thin in a High Waisted Bikini

We’ve gone over the best body types of high waist bathing suits, but there are still a lot of things you can do to slim out your figure when putting this swim option on.

  • Opt for dark, solid bottoms: When you are selecting your bikini bottoms, pick a dark, solid pattern. As a matter of fact, opt for black or a dark solid. This color works great to slim and trim out whatever area is is worn on. And since I’m focused on the stomach area, wear black solid on bottom.
  • Pick a bright, printed top: When picking out your bikini top, select a bright color that has print or pattern on it. The bright colors will draw the eye up to your top, thus taking the focus off your stomach and bottoms. Print or pattern only helps to further that effect.
  • Go horizontal: Taking it one step further, try picking up a top that has horizontal lines. A common myth is that horizontal lines do the opposite, but that is not the case at all. In fact, horizontal lines have natural slimming features to the eyes, and have been proven to make you look a lot thinner.
  • Add a tummy control panel: As I mentioned above, a tummy control panel helps to give you extra help in the stomach area. If you’re extra concerned about your stomach, going with a higher waisted bikini and a tummy control panel is a powerful one-two punch. Plus, it can ​support you through water sport activities because of its coverage.

Tips to Look Thin in a High Waisted Bikini

TipsWhat to do
Tip 1Go for dark, solid bottoms
Tip 2Choose a bright printed top
Tip 3Go horizontal
Tip 4Add a tummy control panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a High-Waisted Bikini Hide My Belly Fat?

Yes, a high-waisted bikini can help to hide your belly fat. Keeping in mind that most bikinis are made of a blend of nylon or polyester with spandex, they are elastic and can exert some pressure on the belly fat, reducing its visibility.

This defines your waist and gives you a more feminine touch, making you cute.

Can I Wear a High-Waisted Bikini When Pregnant?

Yes, you can wear a high-waisted bikini when pregnant. Keeping in mind that the bikini is held in place by the elastic waistband, the waistbands of high-waisted bikinis sit above the belly, minimizing pressure on the lower part of the abdomen.

The bikini can also help to support the growing baby bump, making you feel comfortable.

Can a Bikini Make Me Thin?

Although a bikini can make you look thin, it doesn’t come with any features that can make you thin. However, some bikini designs, such as the high-waisted styles, can help to create an illusion that you are thin.

A more realistic way to become thin is to adjust your eating style and engage in exercise that can help you burn calories.



A high waist two piece bathing suit is a great option for someone looking to slim down their look a bit, especially if you have more of an hourglass, pear, or apple shaped body. For curvy women with hips, this swimsuit is a great choice. Factor in that its in style, and you’ve got a wonderful way to look your best this summer.