Best Leggings for Pear Shaped Women [2024 Review]

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Leggings are one of the most popular attires, thanks to their versatility and comfort. However, you might wonder whether you can get one for pear-shaped bodies. This guide details the best leggings for pear-shaped that will make you look flattering with wider hips, narrow shoulders, and defined waist.

Our Top Pear-Shaped Leggings Recommendations

Since most pears tend to gain weight, the best leggings for pear-shaped people should be moisture-wicking, breathable, and comfortable, allowing you to engage in exercises without sweat irritations. The following leggings are versatile, and you can wear them in formal and informal settings.

Dragon Fit High Waist Leggings

Since a pear-shaped body is smaller at the top, curvy and bigger at the bottom, you may look bottom-heavy while wearing the wrong clothes. Fortunately, like the Yogalicious High Waist leggings, the Dragon Fit High Waist leggings feature an ultra-stretch fit, making them ideal for wearing when working out, even after gaining or losing weight.

Although a pear-shaped body’s well-defined waist and flat stomachs are attractive, women do not love exposing their navel or tummy when engaging in exercises such as riding a bike or doing gym exercises. These leggings might be the right choice as they flatten and smoothen your figure, enhancing your silhouette without revealing your tummy.

Whether going to the gym or running errands in town, like the Lift leggings, these leggings come with side and inner pockets, which help you keep essentials such as your phone and sweat towel. However, the fabric is warm and might not be the best attire for summer.


  • The wide and stretchy waistband doesn’t exert pressure on a small spot, making the leggings comfortable
  • The combination of high waist and long length style of these leggings makes you look flattering


  • The leggings are designed with a thick fabric, making them unsuitable for summer
  • The leggings might expose the cellulite of your lower body in natural lighting

Yogalicious High Waist Leggings

The Yogalicious high waist leggings feature a wide and high-rise elastic waistband, relieving you of the hassle of pulling the leggings up after every workout position, making them ideal for exercises.

Pear-shaped bodies accumulate excess body fat around their hips and thighs, and you might need to engage in workouts to tone muscles and lose weight.

Like the Lift leggings, these leggings are constructed with squat-proof and four-way stretch fabric, providing you with freedom of movement as you do exercises such as lunges, spinning, running, push-ups, or jumping rope.

Additionally, considering there are higher chances of sweating while doing exercises, these leggings use a moisture-wicking fabric of 86% polyester and 14% spandex fabrics, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable.

However, unlike the Dragon Fit leggings, the fabric used to make these leggings has a lightweight feel, making your cellulite and the outline of your undergarment show through the leggings.


  • The leggings are constructed with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, allowing sweat to evaporate and maintain the body temperature when exercising.
  • It is constructed with a 4-way stretch fabric that supports your joints, facilitating freedom of movement.


  • The fabric has a lightweight feel which might reveal the outline of your undergarment.
  • Without the side pockets, the leggings might inconvenience you when you want to carry your keys or phone.

Lift Leggings

To create more defined upper bodies that balance the shape of the lower body, you should engage in exercises such as tricep dips, push-ups, presses, or rows. However, these exercises might reveal your navel or tummy when wearing low-waist bottom wear.

Like the Yogalicious High Waist leggings, the Lift Leggings feature a high-rise waistband, allowing you to show off your figure without exposing your navel and tummy. However, the band folds down in the front, and you must keep flipping it up.

Unlike the Yogalicious leggings, these leggings come with two side pockets and a hidden waistband pocket that ensures that your essentials, such as keys, smartphones, or cards, are safe, enhancing security and convenience.

The leggings are designed with four-way stretchy moisture-wicking fabric that provides breathability and comfort during your sweaty workouts.


  • The leggings come with two side pockets and one hidden waistband pocket, relieving you of the worries of losing your essentials such as keys or wallet.
  • The interlock seams in these leggings help reduce chafing and rubbing, making them a great option for running.


  • The band folds down in the front, forcing you to keep adjusting your leggings after changing positions.
  • The high percentage of spandex in the fabric makes the leggings excessively stretchy, revealing your curves.

Features to Consider in the Best Leggings for Pear Shaped

Since leggings come in different styles and designs for different body shapes, the following are some features to consider when choosing the best leggings for a pear shape. Additionally, the following table breaks down some key features that affect the leggings’ overall comfort and stretchability.

Comparing Leggings Features for Pear Shaped Women

Leggings Pockets Closure Type Inseam (inches)
Dragon fit Yes Elastic 27
Yogalicious No Pull on 28
Ewedoos Lift Yes Pull on 28


Considering that fashions change fast, you will require attire that can match a wide range of attires in your wardrobe. Leggings are versatile as long as you go for non-see-through materials that don’t expose the skin, even if you don’t wear a dress.

You can match leggings with different outfits depending on the exercise, situation, or occasion. For instance, exercise can help correct a pear shape caused by excess body fat. You can pair leggings with a workout T-shirt when going to the gym or running.

Pear-shaped people have large and curvy booty and small and well-defined waist. When going for small gatherings, dinner, or lunch dates, pair your Yogalicious leggings with a romantic top and leather boots to show off your silhouette.


Leggings level up your appearance and accentuate your body. They come in a wide range of lengths, allowing you to choose one that best suits your needs. For instance, mid-calf length leggings, also known as Capri leggings, fall between the knee and the ankle and are ideal when doing yoga.

Knee-length leggings end at knee level and are ideal for running or going to the gym. Ankle-length or footless leggings end at the ankle level, while ⅞ or midi leggings expose your ankles and a smaller portion of the lower leg.

You can consider wearing ankle-length leggings such as Dragon Fit when running errands in town to avoid drawing attention to the lower body. On the other hand, knee-length leggings are the ideal choice for gym or workouts.


Generally, leggings are designed from spandex and polyester fabrics. Polyester is popular for its water-resistant and moisture-wicking properties, while spandex is known for its soft and stretchability properties. This makes leggings comfortable and ideal for wearing when performing household chores, running errands in town, and doing plyometric exercises.

The non-confining and moisture-wicking nature of leggings provide sufficient air circulation around your crotch area, protecting you from bacterial infections that thrive in moist environments.

If you are engaging in exercises that involve a quick change of positions, you can consider going for Lift leggings as they feature a 4-way stretch fabric. The interlock seams in these leggings also prevent rubbing, making them comfortable during the entire workout session.


This refers to the elasticity of the leggings, allowing them to increase and reduce in size to fit you even if there are changes in body shape and size. Stretchability makes it possible to wear leggings that are slightly oversized or undersized.

Although leggings are made from different materials, stretchability mainly depends on the amount of spandex in the fabric. If you want highly elastic leggings that will reveal your curves and make you look flattering, you can go for those with higher percentages of spandex, such as the Lift Leggings.

On the other hand, if you want slightly loose leggings that you can wear at the workplace or when going to formal settings such as conferences and weddings, you can go for leggings with a lower percentage of spandex, such as the Yogalicious leggings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Overweight Pear-Shaped People Wear Leggings?

Yes, overweight pear-shaped can wear leggings if you choose ankle-length leggings and pair them with bright-colored tops or shirts that extend below the hip bone so you can draw attention to the upper body.

Additionally, you can go for shirts with wider necklines or strapless shirts to broaden your shoulders and emphasize the bust.

Can Leggings Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite in Pear-Shaped?

Yes, leggings can reduce the appearance of cellulite in pear-shaped, particularly thick cotton leggings with smaller percentages of spandex, as they are less form-fitting.

The thick fabric makes the leggings straighten and smoothen the skin, hiding the cellulite.

Can a Pear-Shaped Person Wear Leggings Like Pants?

Yes, a pear-shaped person can wear leggings like pants. However, wearing leggings like pants might reveal your curves and pantie lines in a provocative manner, and it’s advisable to wear this when going to the gym, workouts, or at home.

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Final Thoughts

The best leggings for pear-shaped should be fitting and versatile, such that you can wear them with a wide range of outfits. The above leggings are made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, and you can wear them during exercises and hot weather.