7 Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe for Women

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I’ve been told with a minimalist wardrobe, women have less chances of not having anything to wear. Sounds like the opposite of reality? Well don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Creating a minimalist wardrobe makes your closet have more sense, aesthetic-wise. Not to mention your whole life feels put-together!

7 Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe

You deserve a pat for overcoming your “treat yo’self!” mentality. Minimizing your closet is actually a better way of treating yourself. These 7 ways of doing it kills that guilt over buying an expensive shirt that can last you years.

1. Purge Your Closet

As you Marie Kondo your entire closet, have three boxes ready for pieces that don’t spark joy. One is for donating, another for swapping with friends, and a third for resell.

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This is a more productive, less wasteful and even money-smart way of letting go of clothes that no longer serve you. Only then can you start creating a minimalist wardrobe.

a women's minimalist wardrobe

2. Get the Basics Down

This might sound absurd, but splurge on basics! Spending $50 on that white tee might seem like a lot at first, but get back to me in 3 years when that same shirt is still in your weekly rotation. (This includes all your bra basics for ​different kinds of​ outfits.)

Nevermind that shopping for basics such as bras and panties for women and boxers and briefs for men doesn’t get my heart racing. It’s better than the frustration of dressing up and realizing you don’t have the essential wardrobe pieces for minimalist living. Besides, washing your bras and underwear more often should already be a part of the process should you consider minimalism.

3. Build Out a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is loosely defined as a “collection of a few essential items of clothing”. Commit to a specific personal rule for a capsule wardrobe of roughly 50 articles of clothing.

Each season, the goal is to change out the clothes in your closet so they are current to the new season. As spring shifts to summer, add your favorite sexy brazilian bikinis into the rotation. As summer transitions to fall, replace some of your shorts for cozy, soft leggings.

There are also some clothes that you might keep year round in your wardrobe. For example, items like dark wash jeans and bralettes can work well in any season.

4. Get Inspired From Fashion Influencers

If you’re afraid of being labeled an outfit repeater, take it as a challenge to style your clothes better. There are numerous outfits you can create with just a few basic articles of clothing!

Take inspiration from Pinterest or your favorite fashion bloggers to find various ways to style one piece multiple ways!

A woman sitting on a chair with hanged clothes at the background

5. Schedule Your Shopping

If you see something you like, don’t buy it and let a few days pass to see how you feel about it. That nagging feeling is how you know you really want it.

Not buying immediately could also mean saving up by not buying full price. If you decide you really want something, find out when the next sale will run. Schedule your purchases according to that and not when money comes in your bank account.

6. Develop Your Personal Style

Internalize what is your fashion style. Take a good look at your closet and figure out the dominant theme:

  • ​Sporty/athletic
  • ​Girly chic
  • ​Bohemian
  • Edgy
  • Elegant and refined (almost formal)
  • Business casual
  • Boyish
  • Artistic hippie

Sync this to every category of clothes like work wear, active wear or athleisure, even sleepwear if you must. “I don’t have anything to wear” are words you’ll never say again.

7. Create a Daily Uniform

Write down the color themes, types of clothes, and shoes involved in your daily outfits. Be specific especially with the second one so you know possible variations. Now there’s one less decision you have to make everyday.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe for Women

TipsWhat to do
Tip 1Purge your closet
Tip 2Splurge on the basics
Tip 3Come up with a capsule wardrobe
Tip 4Get inspired from fashion influencers
Tip 5Schedule your purchases
Tip 6Develop a personal style
Tip 7Create a daily uniform

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should a Woman Minimalist Wardrobe Look Like?

Generally, a woman’s minimalist wardrobe should have between 30 to 50 items in each capsule wardrobe, including shoes, accessories, and clothing.

It’s advisable to go through your minimalist wardrobe to put aside items that you haven’t used for over two years or worn-out and unfitting items.

What Is the Difference Between a Capsule and a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes are small divisions of minimalist wardrobes that have a limited number of items that you can add at a certain period of time. Generally, most capsule wardrobes take up to 50 items, while minimalist wardrobes are larger and can hold more.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Can I Place in the Minimalist Wardrobe?

Provided that you do not congest the wardrobe, there is no set number of pairs of shoes that a minimalist wardrobe can hold.

However, if you are placing them in the capsule divisions, it is advisable that you aim for at most ten pairs of shoes per division to avoid congestion.

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A minimal wardrobe goes by the slow fashion ethos. More than cutting down your cost-per-wear in expensive albeit sturdy pieces, you stop being in the business of acquiring clothes as if produce to be consumed within 48 hours.