Best Postpartum Leggings [2024 Review]

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After giving birth to your beautiful baby, you’ll naturally experience some body changes and a new lifestyle. Taking care of yourself is equally important as looking after your child. During this transition, the best postpartum leggings can help smoothen the stomach while providing core stability and comfort for postpartum mamas.

My Top Postpartum Leggings Reviews

After hours of trying out different leggings and comparing features, I found that the Homma Premium Slimming Leggings are the postpartum leggings worth having to deal with post-baby belly and pain in the abdominal muscles without ruining your personal style.

Dressing for a postpartum body doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ve compiled the best postpartum leggings with snuggly fabric, compression, and figure-flattering abilities for postpartum women. While they differ in some aspects, they provide support and help you get back in shape.

Best Postpartum Leggings Overall: Homma Premium High Waisted Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

Living up to the hype, the Homma Premium Leggings are the best postpartum leggings when it comes to expanding as you move while keeping you fresh and stylish. These postpartum leggings provide excellent waist control while resting, doing chores, or caring for your newborn child. 

Thick yet comfortable, these leggings use well-blended nylon and spandex. Similar to the Movemama Support Leggings, this fabric blend ensures breathability, especially on hot days. The thickness guarantees opacity, so you can squat and sit with your leggings without worrying about their opacity.

Like the Mothers Essential Leggings, the fabric of this one optimizes a four-way stretch to expand in all the right directions for added support and a form-flattering effect. No matter how many pounds you lose, the material will recover shape and conform to your body. 

In time, your pelvic floor muscles will recover, and you may finally gain the strength to do your workout routines again. These ankle-length leggings can support your stomach area while helping bind the loose skin. You can also continue using them as part of your everyday wear months after the recovery period. 

The Homma Premium Leggings feature a high-waist style and seamless construction that work together to prevent chafing or digging marks. This also means you won’t have to adjust the waistband every time you stand up or sit down.   

While these compression leggings can contour most body types, some women may not feel comfortable with the compressive panels at first, especially if the waistband is pressed against your incision area.


  • The waistband and fabric compress belly and thigh fats well  
  • Dries sweat, milk spill, and moisture quickly
  • Thick, stretchable material that recovers shape 


  • The cut may be too long for short women
  • The fabric isn’t machine-washable, so you’ll need to spend time hand-washing it to avoid shrinkage

Best Postpartum Leggings for C-Section: Kindred Bravely Louisa Leggings

If you’re looking for the best bottoms to pair with your nursing tops, the Kindred Bravely Louisa Leggings are another contender for the best postpartum leggings. It features a high-rise style that can stretch right below your breasts, providing excellent cover in the stomach area when it’s time to breastfeed your child.

Like the first pair, this one combines polyester and spandex for a thin yet non-see-through material for breathability. The ultra-soft fabric creates a velvety touch that feels comfy for you and your kid. Additionally, it is flexible enough to smoothen your natural curves gently. 

The unique thing about the design is that instead of sewing a noticeable waistband, the waist hemline connects the fabric from the belly up to the thigh part. Hence, the upper hemline may rest right under your breast and touch the bra’s underwire. 

You can adjust how high you want to pull the leggings up, although they may form a bundle around the hips if you don’t stretch your leggings properly. Likewise, you can fold the fabric as dual support for the belly area. 

With sizes available from small to double extra large, the Kindred Bravely Louisa Leggings allow you to stay true to your size and find the perfect fit. However, petite mothers may find the length a bit long and loose on the ankles. Still, make sure to consider your pre-pregnancy size.

Overall, you can live in these sleek, versatile, and stylish postpartum leggings every day. Whether you need to travel or stay at home, it can mold your body while assisting you in breastfeeding. This pair won’t stretch out or get loose at the ankles, even after a few washes.


  • Excellent coverage for your transition from pregnancy to breastfeeding
  • Easy to wash and maintain even with stains
  • Soft, stretchable, and breathable material 


  • May gather around the ankles of short women
  • It comes with a high price tag

Best Postpartum Compression Leggings: Mothers Essentials Postpartum Slimming Leggings

The Mothers Essentials Postpartum Leggings are the best maternity leggings when you want a comfortable pair of postpartum leggings without forking over some serious cash. True to its name, these slimming leggings can significantly contribute to your recovery. 

Form-fitting, yet not painfully tight, these compression leggings optimize polyamide and elastane for exceptionally high stretchability and moisture-wicking abilities. Even with a soft, buttery feel, the fabric guarantees breathability to keep you fresh as your postpartum body changes. 

End your worries about your waist or extra bulges, and let the wide waistband stretch the fabric over your belly for support. Despite being highly affordable, it offers the necessary cover, especially after a C-section. 

The control top may feel a bit thick for some ladies. However, it sucks everything in place, particularly if your postpartum body feels extra bloated. The four-way stretch can conform to your body movements while retaining shape. 

What’s also special is that the high-rise design comes with compression panels for a slimming silhouette. Since the panels are bigger than those of the Movemama Postpartum Leggings, you won’t have to wear birth girdles when you use this pair. Moreover, the panels improve posture by providing muscle support, resulting in pain relief.  

You can benefit from its capri cut if the ankle-length design of the Homma Premium Postpartum Leggings seems a bit long for your height. With no poorly placed seams in the middle, the Mothers Essentials Postpartum Leggings also eliminate the feeling of itchiness or chafing as you move. 

Whether you’re staying at home or need some new work clothes, you can easily style this versatile pair of leggings and make them look like regular pants. Even after you flatten your belly, you can still maximize these leggings for everyday wear.


  • Stretchable fabric without becoming translucent
  • Great moisture-wicking abilities for postpartum conditions
  • Compression panels for back support and improving posture


  • The crotch area may suffer from wear after constant wear
  • Low heat retention

Best Activewear Postpartum Leggings: Movemama Postpartum Support Leggings

From the brains of a mother of two, Movemama’s maternity clothes aim to combine comfort and functionality without sacrificing style. Specially designed with breastfeeding mothers in mind, the Movemama Postpartum Support Leggings guarantee much-needed support and protection for your recovering body. 

After giving birth, there may be times when clothes shopping is the last thing on your mind. However, you need something that can make you feel great while helping you overcome the postnatal stage.

Unlike nylon leggings, these polyester-based postpartum leggings create a silky, buttery feel on the skin. The addition of spandex can repel moisture and other water elements you’ll encounter daily. The fabric also includes compression threads, helping you get back in shape faster.  

Similar to the second item, the ultra high-waist style results in an adjustable fabric that you can wear over the belly or roll down for double support on the lower stomach. Transform the Movemama Postpartum Support Leggings into low or mid-waist — whatever suits your taste. 

If you’re nursing on the go or conscious about exposing the stomach, you can confidently lift your top and let the waistband provide you with privacy. 

Compared to normal leggings, the 7/8 cut is perfect for mothers below 5.5 feet. In effect, the length won’t appear too short, yet the hem won’t bunch around the ankles. However, the pair may seem a bit short on tall women.

The laser-cut design adds flair to the otherwise plain black-colored leggings. Like the Kindred Bravely Postpartum Leggings, this pair contains small pockets that let you carry valuables when you need to go out. 


  • It provides just the right amount of compression to support the midsection
  • It uses comfortable and dry-quick material for the ultimate comfort
  • The activewear design is for mothers who need to work or do errands while caring for their newborns


  • Compression may feel too warm for summer days
  • Length may appear short on tall women

Best Comfortable Postpartum Leggings: BLANQI Over-the-Belly Postpartum + Nursing Leggings

If you’re not looking for high-compression leggings, the BLANQI Over-the-Belly Postpartum + Nursing Leggings are the best postpartum leggings for you. It provides just the right amount of gentle compression to promote healing while ensuring tummy control.

Aside from its high-waisted design, it features patented 3D knit fabric. As a result, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps your midsection dry from sweat, milk leakage, and fluids from the incision site.

This design also provides extra support for light to moderate movements, especially if you need to do household chores or go back to office work after giving birth. You can count on full tummy coverage to conceal your midsection, even if you need to lift your top for breastfeeding.

Compared to the others, the buttery soft material of this pair doesn’t radiate too much warmth. The breathable fabric is a good option if you want to wear leggings during summer without causing friction in your incision scars.

These are ankle-length leggings like the Homma Premium. This means the pair won’t shorten your leg line yet can show a glimpse of your skin to create a more proportionate silhouette.

While it has a high nylon content, its shaping abilities are only best during the postpartum period, so it may not double as regular leggings after your pelvic floor muscles recover.


  • The butter-soft fabric and seamless construction prevent chafing
  • The compression fabric feels like regular leggings.
  • Supportive leggings for excess skin in post-baby tummy


  • Fabric may pile up after machine washing
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a tighter fit in the postpartum belly

Factors to Consider When Choosing Postpartum Leggings

While you can own multiple pairs, there are a few things to think about before making the final decision. The following aspects should help you wear leggings that can accompany you on your postpartum journey.

Comparing Postpartum Leggings Features

Leggings Length Pockets Closure Type
Homma Premium Ankle-length No Stretch
Kindred Bravely Ankle-length Yes Pull-on
Mothers Essentials Capri No Hook-and-loop
Movemama Ankle-length Yes Button
Blanqi Ankle-length No Elastic
a woman sitting down wearing a brown leggings

Comfortable and Breathable Fabric

Several things can happen during your postpartum recovery. Your incision may be painful, you might feel exhausted for most days, or it’s harder to control the bladder. You should prioritize comfort over almost anything when choosing clothes at this stage. 

Wear comfortable leggings with cotton, wool, lycra, polyester, spandex, or a combination of them. Consider a thicker material, especially if you want to wear them as pants. 

Furthermore, selecting a moisture-wicking fabric is practical as postnatal involves milk spillage and baby baths. The leggings on this list have fast-drying yet breathable material to ensure you can comfortably spend your postpartum days.

Supportive Waistband

While you can pick low-waist or mid-waist leggings, it would be better to go for high-rise ones as they provide more support and cover for your belly. 

If you want to gradually and safely smoothen out your post-baby belly, a high waistband can stretch as necessary while containing excess fat. It may take a few weeks to return to your old body shape, yet postpartum leggings can support you as you form new routines. 

The postpartum leggings I’ve shared have high-waist styles, although the ones from Kindred Bravely and Movemama feature exceptionally high waistbands that can also transform into mid or low-rise cuts.

Compression Features

Remember that your body is recovering, and you need all the help you can get to become stronger for yourself and your baby. Postpartum leggings with compression abilities improve blood flow and pelvic floor muscles and, consequently, your breathing. 

The leggings from this list contain compression features that mostly work on the stomach, thigh, and leg areas, helping you control the shape of your body.

Homma Premium, Mothers Essential, and Movemama Active are among the best postpartum leggings with compression fabric that help promote the healing of a swollen belly.


Great leggings should also have the appropriate length, which can influence the look on your legs as you transition from pre-pregnancy size. The length of the Homma, Kindred Bravely, and BLANQI reaches up to the ankles. This length suit most postpartum wear, including dresses, skirts, tunics, shirts, and sweaters.

On the other hand, Mothers Essential has a capri length, which falls between the knees and ankles. This creates long, clean lines for shorter women, even if you need to pair the leggings with long tops.

Meanwhile, the legging inseams of the 7/8 length of Movemama would better suit you if you want to create a longer body silhouette for your petite body.

two women sitting behind each other wearing a red and blue postpartum leggings

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Wear to Hide Postpartum Belly?

Aside from comfortable leggings, you can wear tie-waist tops and maxi dresses to conceal your post-baby tummy. You can use dark colors and loose tops to ensure belly coverage and hide cellulite in leggings without causing excessive tummy control.

When Do You Start Wearing Postpartum Leggings?

You should start wearing the postpartum leggings 1 to 2 weeks after delivery.

These leggings offer support and a form of compression to your postpartum belly, which speeds up the process of reforming the belly and reduces the number of exercises you need to perform in order to get the belly back to its original shape.

Can Cesarean Surgery Patients Wear Postpartum Leggings?

It is not advisable for cesarean surgery patients to wear postpartum leggings. Normally, cesarean wounds take anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months before they fully recover.

However, there are some postpartum leggings that do not offer compression, and you can wear them as a cesarean surgery patient.

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Preparing postpartum wear can be challenging, especially when dealing with weak abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, as well as pain from C-section scars. However, with the best postpartum leggings from this list, you can adapt to your new body and look more confident as you care for your baby.