How Much Do Leggings Weigh?

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Leggings are usually thought of for comfort and versatility. Some women love including various styles or colors of leggings in their packing list when they are traveling. Some plan on shipping them. 

If you are one of them, you may be concerned with the weight of your leggings. How will they affect your weight or fit in your luggage weight limit when packing or shipping?

How Much Do Leggings Weigh?

If your leggings’ weight is your concern, then it helps to know that leggings are normally said to weigh between 4-8 ounces or 0.15-0.3 in kilograms. This depends on the materials used and features added in their production. 

a woman standing in one leg wearing a printed leggings

The most common fabrics used in leggings are spandex, polyester, or nylon. These allow leggings the ability to stretch, mold to your body, and absorb moisture and sweat. These fabrics are known for being lightweight.

Some leggings are also designed to be thick. Some of the reasons for this are ensuring the leggings’ adaptability to cold weather and the ability to be stretched out without worrying about the sheer fabric. The thickness of the fabric and its functionality itself will also generally affect why your leggings will be lightweight or heavy.

Another factor would be the features added to your leggings. These could include seam details, invisible pockets, moisture-wicking technology, and performance fabrics among many others. These collectively add weight to your leggings.

They also affect their overall ability to be lightweight and make you feel like you’re wearing it like a second skin. Generally, this would also add up to how much weight they are when you’re shipping or packing.

Factors That Affect the Weight of Leggings

MaterialNylon, spandex, polyester
Fabric thicknessThick, thin
LengthFull-length, knee-length, mid-calf
WaistbandWide, normal
PocketsWithout pockets, with pockets

Why Your Leggings Weight Matters

Knowing how much your leggings weigh is an advantage for you. It will usually affect your overall use and comfort when wearing your leggings or packing them for shipping or traveling. More specifically, it will influence the following circumstances:

When Shipping

You’ll probably be concerned with the weight of your leggings if you’re planning to ship them somewhere. Shipping costs will heavily depend on the weight of your package or parcel.

If you are shipping your leggings, it is going to be helpful if you know the weight of your leggings. That way, you can expect how much you will pay for the shipping services.

There are shipping cost calculators out there such as the USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping calculator. This could help you account how much the total weight of your leggings will cost to ship. Besides the weight of your leggings, other factors such as the chosen shipping type or the location you are shipping it to will also affect the costs.

When Weighing Yourself

Shipping is a great deal of why you should be aware of how much your leggings weigh. Needless to say, there are other reasons.

There has been a study that shows that men and women differ in weight depending on their clothes. Understand whether or not some number of pounds should be subtracted from the total weight. That being said, your clothes and the weight of your outfit pieces still matter when it comes to weighing yourself.

Your leggings, despite their being lightweight, can still be a factor that may cause your weight measurement to be inaccurate. This is merely another reason why you should take note of how much your leggings weigh.

a woman wearing black leggings doing yoga

When Packing

The number of leggings you are including in your luggage as you pack for your next travel trip is clearly going to influence how much your luggage will weigh overall. To avoid over-packing and paying an additional amount for the extra kilos, it is highly recommended you take into account the weight of your clothes. This includes your leggings.

When Doing the Laundry

Some laundry shops calculate the cost of services to the overall weight of your clothes. Some even have limits as to how many kilos are meant for one washing. This would generally mean that you must also be aware of your clothes’ weight. You would have a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay for when you’re heading to the laundry shop soon.

Does Weighing Yourself With Clothes on Make a Difference?

As mentioned earlier, it does make a difference when you weigh yourself with your clothes on. The number of pounds or kilos to be subtracted from your total weight will vary as to how much all your clothing pieces weigh in total. However, this still means that the weight of your clothes including your leggings might affect your total weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Weight of Leggings Exhaust Me?

Even the heavier leggings are generally lightweight than most pants and might not exhaust you. In most cases, you will only feel the leggings are heavier when compared with other leggings and not something you can outrightly detect.

However, the leggings can feel considerably heavier if you have things in your pockets.

Does Length Affect the Weight of Leggings?

The length of the leggings affects the weight. Generally, this is because leggings are made of fabric, and the length of the leggings determines how large this fabric is.

For instance, full-length leggings use more fabric than Capri or knee-length leggings, making them heavier.

Are Heavier Leggings Warmer?

In most cases, heavier leggings are warmer due to the thicker fabric used. Leggings designed to keep you warm during winter might even come with layers of wool or fleece for added warmth. This makes them considerably heavier as well.


It is too tempting to impulsively buy leggings depending merely on their design or style. There are other things to factor in when buying your leggings. Make sure it is worth the price including fabrics, additional features, and in this case, weight. It might be easy to be overlooked but may come in handy for when you’re shipping your leggings or planning to pack it for your travels.