What to Wear With Blue Leggings?

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When it comes to leggings, blue is not the conventional color of choice for many of us. Most of us opt for black or white leggings that work with multiple colors and are easy to style. Occasionally, it is fun to shake things up, and that is when you should reach for your blue leggings.

Here is all that can be worn with blue leggings!

What to Wear With Blue Leggings?

You can style a pair of trendy blue leggings by combining them with a contrasting top for an interesting juxtaposition of colors. Opt for neutral colors for tops, such as whites, greys, and blacks. Dark blue leggings also look incredibly stylish with simple dark brown boots.

A person in blue leggings and brown ankle boots stands on a black wooden plank in the park

All these styling tips will work really well if you add a couple of carefully picked accessories that add to the entire outfit. Since leggings on their own are a casual piece of clothing, accessorizing them appropriately can take your entire outfit to the next level.

Wear Them With a White Shirt

Blue and white is a classic combo that has persevered despite the ever-changing fashion landscape. While we are used to combining crisp white shirts with dark-washed jeans, you can emulate the same look with deep blue leggings and a white shirt.

You can channel a casual look with a simple white tee and comfy sneakers, or you can dress up in a white blouse. Add some understated, fine gold jewelry, strappy heels, and a chic bag, and you are ready to step out in style.

Pair Them With a Blue and White Striped Top

Striped tops are the easiest things to wear due to the endless styling opportunities they offer. Moreover, you can create an illusion of a lean and tall silhouette with vertical strips and add some curves to your frames with cleverly placed horizontal lines.

Hence, wear your blue leggings with a blue and white striped top for a relaxed yet stylish look. You can round off the look with a long necklace and knee-high boots. If the weather allows, you can also wear a chunky knit scarf with this look.

A woman wearing a black and white button-down shirt, leggings, and brown flats is standing on a brown wooden floor while holding a smartphone

Style Them With a Blazer

While it may sound like a piece of controversial advice to put on a blazer with leggings, it actually works as long as you keep a few design features in mind:

  • Go for a simple white or grey blazer since the colors work well with blue leggings
  • Choose a longer length that goes beyond your waist and covers the entire or part of your hips
  • Make sure your blazer flares out at the bottom

All these features will ensure that the blazer complements the fitted leggings. You can wear a white tee underneath and complete the look with either heels or sneakers.

Couple Them With a Crop Top

Crop tops have grown in popularity at a trajectory almost parallel to the leggings. Thus, combining these two current favorite pieces of clothing seems like an obvious choice. However, just make sure that the crop top is not the fitted kind otherwise, it will end up looking like gym wear.

When it comes to blue leggings, in particular, crop tops in dark grey, charcoal, and black tones go well with light shades of blue. You can also wear a graphic white crop top with dark blue ones.

Woman in a black t-shirt and blue leggings standing near a white wall

Add a Pair of Brown Boots

Brown boots and blue bottoms are among the most classic combinations. Whenever you are looking to elevate the style quotient of your simple blue leggings, pair them with classy brown boots. Both knee-high and ankle boots can work with these leggings.

To divert all the focus on your boots, you can keep the rest of the look monochromatic by wearing a loose-fit, button-down denim shirt with leggings. While the iconic look does not require a lot of accessories, you can carry a cross-body bag in the same color as your boots.

Outfit Ideas to Pair With Blue Leggings

OutfitsPair blue leggings with
Outfit 1White shirt
Outfit 2Blue and white striped top
Outfit 3Blazer
Outfit 4Crop top
Outfit 5Brown boots

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Blue Leggings With a Denim Jacket?

Yes, you can wear blue leggings with a denim jacket. For instance, if you are attending a casual occasion on a breezy summer night, the blue leggings and the denim will give a flattering appearance.

However, it is not advisable to wear blue denim with blue leggings to prevent color monotone. Instead, black denim will look good with blue leggings.

What Kind of Tops Do You Wear With Leggings?

Leggings are quite versatile and work well with most clothing items. Therefore, you can wear them with tees, tanks, button-down shirts, sweatshirts, and tunics.

Since the bottoms are very form-fitting, they pair well with loose or bulky tops to create a balanced look.

What Should You Not Wear With Leggings?

While leggings are both cool and comfortable, they are essentially athleisure apparel. Therefore, they do not work with fancy tops, such as silk camisoles or lacy blouses, or party dresses.

Moreover, avoid wearing bodysuits as the entire look is very unflattering.

What To Wear & NOT Wear With Leggings / Fashionable Leisure, Casual & Dressy Outfits With Leggings


You can style your blue leggings in several ways, taking your look from relaxed to smart casual, by following a few basic dressing rules. Pair your leggings with loose tops and tees, in singular colors and of any length. In addition, add accessories that flatter the outfits, and when in doubt, opt for brown boots.