How to Wear Printed Leggings

a woman doing yoga wearing printed leggings

You’ve decided to give into the leggings trend. Now what? You probably saw these leggings with cute patterns while you were walking in the mall and decided to buy them. Now, you’re looking for ways you can style this unique, colorful, and versatile pair of leggings with ease and fun. How to Wear Printed Leggings …

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What Are 7/8 Leggings?

a person wearing black 7/8 leggings beside a ball

If you’re always hunting for stylish yet comfortable and practical leggings, you know that there are several brands and styles on the market. At some point, you may have heard and wondered, “What are 7/8 leggings?”. Are they going to be your next go-to leggings? Let’s find out.  What Are 7/8 Leggings? As the name …

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The Difference Between Stockings vs Leggings

a girl sitting on a bench wearing stockings

There is often confusion between stockings vs leggings. They are commonly mistaken as a clothing piece. If you find yourself among the number of women who are in a dilemma as to when, where, and how you will wear both your stockings and leggings, this article aims to help you with just that. Stockings vs …

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The Difference Between Tights vs Leggings

a woman sitting on a chair wearing a turquoise tights

While tights and leggings might look the same from a distance, they are actually very different. These two skin tight bottom garments are super popular nowadays, they might even give regular pants a run for their money! So what’s the difference between tights vs leggings? What Are Tights? The word ‘tights’ is probably what started …

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13 Shoes to Pair With Leggings

a person wearing black leggings with boots

You’ve probably heard that shoes make or break an outfit. It’s a good motto to live by for creating outfits that make a lasting impression. When it comes to deciding what shoes to wear with leggings — a multi-functional garment that goes with everything — it’s best to know your options. What Shoes to Wear …

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What Underwear Do You Wear With Leggings?

a person lifting barbell wearing leggings

Leggings are comfortable, versatile, and functional, yet they are also tight and sometimes tend to become sheer, causing undergarment lines to become visible. If you’re asking yourself what underwear do you wear with leggings, don’t worry. While finding the best underwear is no easy task, some factors determine what underwear won’t ride up or show …

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What to Wear With Velvet Leggings

a person reading wearing a pink velvet leggings

Velvet is a vibrant, luxurious fabric that gives any garment a sense of drama and extravagance. Some people think it’s hard to find clothes to pair with velvet leggings, let alone style various outfits. If that’s your case, here’s the ultimate guide on what to wear with velvet leggings that will make you look fresh …

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What to Wear With Leather Leggings

a woman walking wearing leather leggings

Leggings are already loved by many because of how comfortable and versatile they are. But, leather leggings? They take the game to a whole new level. Most women love dressing up in some faux leather leggings whether going to the mall or heading for work. That’s the thing with this type of leggings. They’re chic …

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Why Do Girls Wear Leggings?

a person running wearing leggings

Fashion clothes and tendencies come and go, yet leggings remain in style throughout the years. If you’re yet to join the club, you may be wondering, “Why do girls wear leggings?”. With several benefits in styling, comfort, and efficiency, it’s easy to see why leggings have become a wardrobe staple.   Why Do Girls Wear Leggings? …

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3 Simple Rules for Wearing Leggings

a leather leggings worn with shoes

As much as it is a trend now, leggings are still not exempt from having their own fashion rules and guidelines to follow when you’re wearing them. While it makes sense that you can wear leggings to the gym, are there places that you should not wear leggings? We’ve summed up the rules you need …

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